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Jose Canseco nailed this one

The big news Monday was that Bill & Melinda Gates announced they’re getting a divorce, and Jose Canseco took it as an opportunity to destroy his nemesis ARod in the process. Jose knows that fraud ARod will be all over that sugar mama now that he’s run through JLo and needs to keep working his way up the chain. Don’t think for a second that age — Melinda is 56 — will stand in the way of ARod, who is 45.

Remember, ARod dated Anne Wojcicki who is listed on Forbes’ list of Most Powerful Women and is sitting on a vast fortune, but it’s not Melinda Gates-type money. This would be a whole new ballgame for ARoid. Melinda and Bill will be splitting up $130 BILLION. Yes, it’s believed that Bill was smart enough to use a pre-nup, but Melinda’s been in this marriage 27 years. I’m no divorce lawyer, but I have to believe she’ll end up with money that ARod’s never dreamt of in his life, even though he made $450 million over his career.

The play here for ARod has to be that he’s looking to get into philanthropy, and his manager gets in touch with Melinda’s manager to see if she would mentor the baseball analyst as he looks to give away some of his fortune. One thing leads to another, and the two of them are yachting off the coast of France and ARod is starting to do TikTok videos with the Gates’ children.

This all leads to ARod becoming a huge powerbroker in the philanthropy industry, but it falls apart when ARod’s caught sliding into the DMs of an E! D-lister. Give all of this 15 months to play out. It’s how ARoid rolls.

• No joke, the governor of New Jersey announced Monday that he’ll be running a ‘Shot & a Beer’ campaign where those who get vaccinated will get a beer voucher to be used at breweries around the state. That’s right, one beer per vaccination. Folks, hold out for the $100 gift cards. Those will be coming.

• Across the Hudson River, New Yorkers are allowed to sit at a bar to have a drink again. This hasn’t happened in over a year. Restaurants can go back to full capacity starting May 19, and the subway will go back to 24-hour service May 17. What’s the future look like for New York City? Just watch what DeSantis does in Florida, and Cuomo will copy it about 4-5 months later.

• As you’d expect, the markets love this news, but…..here comes the DOUBLE MUTANT VIRUS from India. That’s right, Singapore says the double mutant virus has that country on high alert. Listen here, DOUBLE MUTANT VIRUS, take your ass on back to India. Summer has started, and you’re not going to ruin the fun this country is about to have.

• Let’s dive back into the plywood prices. A builder in Louisiana estimates a new $250,000 home is now $25,000 more expensive because of the prices that are being passed on to the homebuyer. Brian Allen owner of Braco Construction says low-interest rates are causing a low supply of new houses and high demand for lumber.

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