Jared Goff Reportedly Hung Up On Sean McVay While Being Informed Of Trade

There appears to be no love lost between Rams head coach Sean McVay and his former quarterback Jared Goff.

The two formed a seemingly strong bond from 2017-2020, combining to feature one of the best passing offenses in the NFL. Then came the offseason, an offseason during which McVay ditched the former 1st overall pick for another one. Except this one was the more experienced and talented Matthew Stafford.

Per Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, McVay called Goff personally to let him know he was being traded to Detroit. But that phone call didn’t end with any thank yous. It didn’t even have a real conclusion. Goff ultimately hung up on McVay, at least according to Glazer.

“When the trade went down, Sean McVay called Jared Goff, Jared Goff hung up on Sean McVay,” Glazer said.

Glazer continued with a story of an interaction the two had in the months that followed.

“They talked maybe a week or two after that, just for a little bit,” Glazer said. “About a month or two later, Sean McVay and a couple coaches were at a restaurant here in L.A. Who was two tables over? They just sat down. Two tables over! Jared Goff. Like, awkward.

“They still hadn’t said anything to each other really. Eventually, Sean McVay went over, talked to Jared Goff for about a minute. Those guys were as cordial as you could possibly be, and that was it.”

Leading up to the game last Sunday, Goff was asked about McVay, and he gave a cryptic answer, clearly agitated by the way the trade transpired.

“I don’t think it nearly eroded the way people thought and I think that was part of the confusion at the end,” Goff said. “I don’t feel like it really eroded that way. … It was done the way it was. It’s been done.”

And with that, McVay and Goff never crossed paths again until Sunday in Los Angeles. Goff, now a Lion, rolled into SoFi Stadium with an 0-13 record without McVay. He left 0-14, falling to Los Angeles 28-19.

With the dust settled on the trade, the two are going in opposite directions. McVay is attempting to win his first Super Bowl with a quarterback he believes can get him over the hump. Goff, meanwhile, is tasked with guiding the rebuilding Lions from the bottom of the NFL to the top.

Written by Nick Geddes

Nick Geddes is a 2021 graduate of the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. A life-long sports enthusiast, Nick shares a passion for sports writing and is proud to represent OutKick.

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