Twitter Kicks Project Veritas James O’Keefe Off Forever

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Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe released clips earlier this week of a CNN employee admitting that the network pushes propaganda and that it had worked tirelessly to damage then-President Donald Trump’s reelection hopes. Two days later, the Twitter tyrants booted O’Keefe off the social media forum forever. Gone, not coming back.

As O’Keefe himself says, “They are all on the same team.”


“The account was permanently suspended for violating the Twitter Rules on platform manipulation and spam,” Twitter said in a statement explaining its decision to The Post Millennial.

Spam, huh?  

Twitter and its Big Tech partners have less than an ounce of credibility at this point. Last fall, Twitter and Facebook hid a damning New York Post report on Hunter Biden’s laptop that could have changed the minds of a significant number of voters as it involved Joe Biden. The Daily Mail has since said the story was accurate.

UPDATE at 6:22 p.m. ET: When Mediaite asked about the decision, a Twitter spokesperson said, “You can’t mislead others on Twitter by operating fake accounts and you can’t artificially amplify or disrupt conversations through the use of multiple accounts.”

Though many still believe that O’Keefe’s removal was directly related to his CNN exposé, Twitter says otherwise.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. As long as they have a monopoly boycotts are worthless and they know it.
    With all of the wealthy conservatives out there it is a shame none of them are willing to invest in a “full stack” to build a social media site to contend with Silicon Valley.

    • Exactly! There have to be people with money to create new platforms and networks that permit free speech. What’s scary is that at least half of the population isn’t aware that this is going on. Thank God for sites like Outkick.

    • I must say I agree. I kicked all social media to the curb a couple years ago, simply because of how terrible I felt after each encounter. It’s intentionally manipulative. Twitter especially, is like visiting a chapter from Lord of the Flies. You don’t know who you’re dealing with on there, or if it’s even a person.
      Here’s some information that will make you cancel all your social media today.
      1. Twitter is now responsible for 50% of the world’s child pornography traffic.
      2. For every 100 people you encounter on social media, statistically 10 to 15 of them(conservatively) have serious mental illness that may or may not be treated, such as antisocial personality disorder (sociopath), bipolar disorder, borderline disorder, schizophrenia, or are a pedophile.

  2. What happened to all that talk about “speaking truth to power?” One thing that will get you in bigger trouble than anything else in today’s America is telling the truth. Isn’t that pathetic. America’s patience with these fascists is growing thin quickly.

  3. The Left: You have to make a cake for the same sex wedding. If not it’s discrimination.

    The Left: Twitter should be able to ban conservatives. It’s their business. They should be able to run it however they want to.

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