James Harden’s Blue Lives Matter Mask Has NBA Twitter Furious (Update)

Annnnnndddd Twitter is triggered. All it took was James Harden wearing what appears to be a Blue Lives Matter neck gaiter inside the NBA bubble and we officially have a controversy via those who get bent out of shape over such things. After some investigating, it appears Harden’s gaiter is called the Thin Blue patriot from Hoorag and it’s currently out of stock.

Take a look at the comments under posts featuring Harden in the mask. Full-on triggered mess. Piggybacking off a Mike Cernovich tweet, it will be interesting to see if fans shame Harden into some sort of apology and statement from the Rockets organization. Good luck to the Rockets communications staff who has to construct the official statement.

I’m pretty sure we haven’t had ourselves an NBA team or player in full apology mode this week. We’re beyond due.

(Update:) James Harden says the Blue Lives Matter mask wasn’t some sort of political statement. He tells ESPN’s Tim MacMahon “it was just something that covered my whole beard. I thought it looked cool. That was it.”

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Harden has certainly had his share of controversy over the years. However, AMEN for his stance of individual freedom of thought and expression! He can think for himself rather than being led like sheeple. I truly believe he is greatful for our law enforcement.

  2. Harden may be forced to make the usual Soviet-style apology (for the crime of symbolically supporting the police, because that is how malevolent and insane the left has become ), but … he’s a pretty cranky, stubborn dude. I hold out hope that he will not be cowed. Drew Brees — great guy — did not have the stomach for it. Harden just might be willing to stand up to — or ignore — the screaming monster babies (hat tip to Iowahawk — I believe that’s his perfect moniker for the loony progressive Twitter hordes).

  3. Wowzers…Rev. Sharpe-tongue is pissssssssed!!! Watch out, James…both Not-So-Sharp AND Puddin’ Joe BOTH say “you ain’t black”. You gonna be okay?
    PROPS for being your own man!!!

  4. If he doesn’t apologize – and is aware of what he’s wearing – he’ll find a new fan that used to dislike his game.

    I saw him play in high school. He was not surprisingly the best player on the floor. His game was very different. Played more of an all around game: defense, steals, all over the court, and did not have any of the jab-step, step-back game. Didn’t need it then.

  5. First, I applaud James Harden for wearing that particular mask. I hope he doesn’t apologize. Interesting there can be Fuck the Police but not support for the police. Perhaps Harden has family members or good friends who are cops. Nothing wrong with this at all. Second, Shannon Sharpe is a mental midget. Get over yourself Shannon you aren’t that smart. His takes are so fake and only meant for Twitter likes.

  6. Is this really what’s important to these Twitter idiots? OMG, a different point of view?! I’m proud to say I’ve never been on Twitter or Facebook. This just reinforces my belief. I hope he is backing the police, and it’s not a mistake.

  7. To paraphrase Young Thug: brada, brada, not wit me or bros, be they neega or weega. we’s not down wit it. I’m not in the biz of hiz peeps. I am seen and unseenz, bhaw de boop or hoop. get it? BTW, no internets, so dat is dat, plain ignint.

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