James Harden Keeps Ballooning, Paige Spiranac Works On The Short Game & Staffords Hit The Slopes

Ever have one of those nights after three stressful days of watching football where you just get some sleep?

I woke up all refreshed this morning to see how excited Michigan basketball fans were after their team destroyed Wisconsin, and all I could think of was how great that night of sleep was after a three-day football bender. I needed those six and a half hours of just decompression from all the stress associated with watching high-level football with seasons on the line.

I know, it’s a dream job for many of you. You know what the great Instagram philosophers of our time like to say: “Create the life you want to live.” It’s hard to believe I crossed the 13-year mark on the Internet back in the fall, and we’re headed for my 10-year anniversary of the Internet being my full-time job.

Guys, I’ll never take for granted the busy tripleheader NFL weekends where I have to strategize what beers pair best for each game. I’ll never complain about the long nights watching national championships. There will never be a peep out of me about getting up early to hammer out Screencaps for all of you who have to get out of bed, shower, put on work clothes, comb your hair and drive to a job. I know my audience, unlike that loser Dan Woken and blue checkmarks like him (lolololol….they don’t have audiences!). Not me. I know you guys want an escape from the job you hate. The marriage you wished was over. The travel ball coach who’s not playing your son enough. The boss who’s been riding your ass for months about your performance.

I get you guys. I was one of you guys back in the day, minus the marriage and travel ball thing. That said, nothing was getting between me and that pillow last night, especially not some worthless Michigan basketball game.

• Boy, Andre Johnson seems to have some salty feelings towards the Texans organization. Say hello to your new bottom five franchise in football. Deshaun Watson will figure a way out of there. It’s all good, as long as he doesn’t end up in Pittsburgh.

• The latest forecast in Buffalo for Saturday’s game is 31 degrees with snow showers developing after midnight.

Sony is the latest to get in on the electric car boom. Volkswagen announced this week its 2020 electric numbers were way up compared to 2019, and Tesla delivered 180,570 vehicles in the fourth quarter alone. I keep trying to tell my wife our kids may never purchase a gas-powered car in their lifetimes. Wild.

• Speaking of getting good sleep, have you guys seen the news that mattresses with artificial intelligence are coming soon? That’s exactly what I need after those NFL tripleheader Wild Card weekends.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Speaking of Woke Dan. How does USA Today pay him? He hates sports especially football yet his job is writing about it? Same for Nick Bromberg at yahoo, his job is covering NASCAR yet he hates it and it’s fans and makes no bones about his elitism. When I was on twitter I made a point not to click on their links.

    But honest to god so many of these blue checks have no audience they are just employed by a large company. They are all far left and hate the sport they cover. You see virtually no engagement on their twitter feed. It’s funny when they take a shit at Clay and he fires back you will see more engagement on those clowns feeds in one day on 3 posts then you would the rest of the year combined.

    • Whether or not you like soccer, it is the same with ESPN and the sport. Most of the anchors on Sportscenter don’t hide their disdain for it. I agree too that I do not understand why these networks and digital media companies hire folks who do not like soccer, or NASCAR, or whatever but get paid to write about those sports and the primary content provider for those sports.

      I guess it is to just have someone on staff who is woke like the C-Suite execs who hire them. Sports will be very different over the next 4-6 years. Hopefully, it will recover (in terms of the people who cover them).

  2. I don’t know a single sports fan over the age of 30 who votes Democrat, so it would seem the left leaning sports sites would just target teenagers and 20 somethings who are not yet far enough removed from the education industry to know their heads from their asses.

    Thus a guy like fat, lazy, Dan Lebatard is an interesting choice to be the voice of a sports site, but then again, it explains why he dresses like a confused 17 year old trying to make his parents notice him. Look for ESPN to get younger and more “culturally relevant” by the day.

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