James Franklin and Todd Grantham Confrontation at the end of Georgia-Vandy

Here is James Franklin in his post-game press conference addressing his dust-up with Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham in the wake of Georgia’s narrow 33-28 win that ended with Vandy throwing an incomplete pass into the end zone. (I’ve also posted video from the post-game and of Grantham giving the choke season during last year’s Cocktail Party).

James Franklin: “Some things were said that I didn’t think were appropriate and I tried to find Coach Richt to address it and I couldn’t find Coach Richt and I happened to have a discussion with one of their assistant coaches and it didn’t go well.”

If you’re a Vanderbilt football fan you need to watch this. It’s like the Gettysburg Address of Commodore football.

Franklin continued: “We’re also going to fight and I want to make sure everybody understands that. We are not going to sit back and take stuff from anybody. Anybody. No one. Those days are long gone and they are never coming back. Ever.” 

Watch his comments below, but, man, I love this guy.  

No doubt at all, this is not the Vandy football program of old.

And here is super slo-mo of the post-game confrontation. It’s pretty clear that Grantham is the coach who is out of control. He looks like a Maury Povich mom who just found out that the man she brought on set is not the father.

This is Todd Grantham’s second sideline meltdown in two seasons. You’ll recall that he was giving the choke signal to the Florida kicker in last year’s Cocktail Party overtime. Watch him in the background from ten to thirteen seconds in this video.

Written by Clay Travis

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