Taysom vs Jameis: Checking In On The Saints Quarterback Situation

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The start of training camp is coming up for the New Orleans Saints on Fri, July 30, and who fills in for future first-ballot Hall of Famer Drew Brees looms over Mickey Loomis’ team.

With the two leading contenders for the role boasting exact opposite skill sets, the dual between Taysom Hill and former Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston nears the end as head coach Sean Payton chooses where the offense will be headed in 2021-2022.

Cam Jordan, defensive end for the Saints, went on with ESPN to share his outlook on the QB competition.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about who’s going to put us in the best position of winning,” Jordan told the GMF hosts. “I do know that we have a baller in Jameis Winston, a guy who you know can release that thing in the air. … You know he’s going to take deep shots, he’s going to take a lot of deep throws. And at the same time, he’s had a year under Sean’s tutelage and watching Drew Brees. So he’s only going to get better, in my mind.

“Then, of course, you talk about Taysom, and you know after last year we went 3-1 with him, so we know we can win at a high clip with him. It’s going to be fun and interesting to see who ends up being the lead quarterback, if that is such a discussion. It’s beyond my pay grade. And I like to say not many things are beyond my pay grade, but that is.”

The Human Swiss Army Knife ability of Taysom Hill helped the Saints win three out of four games without Drew Brees last year. As the more seasoned Saints player, Taysom is more familiar with Sean Payton’s offense, and with his extensive tutelage under Brees, he may be the safe pick to start the season.

On the other claw, Jameis Winston’s more-traditional gunslinging has given him both strong upside and downside as a quarterback.

As Marcus Spears mentioned in the post-interview discussion among the ESPN panel, Winston’s arm under Bruce Arians will see a new identity under Payton’s offensive game plan, which forces QBs to release the football quickly and makes a menace out of Michael Thomas.

A revitalized Jameis Winston and improved receiver talent, including the aforementioned Thomas and a high-upside WR3 in Tre’Quan Smith, could place the Saints on brighter horizons than they were in the final years of Drew Brees.

Though Hill’s 70-plus percent completion percentage during the four-game stretch gives the Saints coaching staff some security in picking him over Winston, his five lost fumbles in that same stretch suggests that he is also turnover prone.

Don’t be surprised if Taysom gets the start, but be even less surprised once Winston takes over by Week 7.

Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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  1. ^^LOL Haters.

    Jameis threw for 5,000 MF yards in 2019. Say what you will about the INT’s but ole boy turned a perennial 3 & out offence in Tampa into an exciting offence to watch.

    It’s easy to point to the SB in year 1 under Brady and say “See, Winston was trash.” But you’re also talking about a team that added many key pieces in the offseason on both sides of the ball, including a complete turnaround of the secondary who had been bottom of the barrel in yards allowed per game for YEARS. The same defense whom BTW gave up NINE points to Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Jameis never had that defensive support.

    Winston is hands down a better QB than the gadget player Taysom. One thing I know about Winston is he’s a first guy in / last guy out player when it comes to practice. If he cleans up the INT’s this guy is a top 10 QB. Hell even if he cuts the INT’s in half you’re looking at 5,109 yards, 61% CP, 33TD’s and 15 INTs (if you run back 2019 stats).

    • LOL. I get it. You went to FSU. You defend your guy just like I did with Jake Plummer. But in the end, they are what they are… middlin’ QB’s that don’t have much impact. Taysom Hill isn’t the answer either. I’d start Jameis, but either way, the Saints are going to decline over last year.

      • I’m partial but people love to shit on JW and undersell his potential. Not saying he’s taking the Saints to the SB but he gives New Orleans a solid chance to make the playoffs and compete. The ceiling is there. Cut the INT’s and you have a very good player for almost no salary cap hit. I like Taysom but I don’t see him being anything other than a gadget weapon.

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