Jameis Winston Saying All The Right Things About Becoming Saints Starter

Saints quarterback Jameis Winston sat down with NFL.com’s Adam Maya to discuss what he needs to do to become the Saints’ starter. His answer sounded so mature that I’m not even sure it was really him. He even mentions being more of a “game manager.” Like, no way.

Check him out:

“I never wanted to be deemed a game manager,” Winston said. “But really, that game manager is not a bad piece. That’s something that I think just comes with being a professional quarterback. Being able to not just only do the things that you can do, but being able to do the things that you should not do — like what not to do versus what can I do.”

He’s exactly right, though.

Sometimes being a “game manager” means making a smart play, not necessarily a flashy play. NFL quarterbacking looks borderline impossible, and it’s of course more difficult when you never opt for the boring play.

How many times over the years have we watched Tom Brady (the G.O.A.T) throw the ball away or hit his check downs to Danny Woodhead or Wes Welker for a yard or two? Countless times, and hopefully Jameis follows his lead and plays smarter football.

I’m sorry, but if you’re throwing 30 picks, LASIK or not, you’re playing recklessly. The Saints clearly don’t think he lacks talent, or they never would have signed him in the first place. He doesn’t lack talent. He has just been a poor game manager.

He did make some excuses:

“It may have been because of a new offense, it was maybe because I was trying to go out there and prove it, it’s maybe because I was playing for a lot,” Winston said. “It still puzzles me to this day. All I’m trying to do is focus on eliminating that. And what I came up with is — in the course of being an NFL quarterback, there are a lot of plays where when you have talent, you say, ‘I can do this, I can do that’ — but really learning how to manage the game.”

Jameis, you threw for a league-leading 5,109 yards in your final season with Tampa. It wasn’t the “new offense” — it was that you made bad decisions with the football.

Regardless, Famous Jameis seems to be on the right track to throwing smarter and at least attempting to make adjustments. We just hope this whole thing works out because there’s not much we love to see more than a meme-worthy post-game interview out of a happy Jameis Winston.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for OutKick.com, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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    • Bucs won the SB because the defense until 2nd year DC Todd Bowles improved tremendously. If they remained the 32nd best pass defense they SB wouldn’t have been possible. Not only that, they added a 1st round OT, even more offensive firepower (AB, Fournette, Gronk), along with Brady not making bone-headed mistakes (although they still won against GB w/ 3 Brady 2nd half picks in the NFC CG).

      The defense gave up 9 points to Patrick Mahomes.. With all due respect Ryan Fitzpatrick could have won that game haha

      • I have to agree. It’s not like Tom Brady took over the same team Jameis Winston was running with. I don’t think Jameis is a great quarterback, but Brady had one of the best offenses ever assembled put around him. They added 2 pro bowl caliber tackles in Wirfs and Haeg, along with the best receiving corps ever assembled. Yeah, Brady’s great, but he had more to work with. Why does anyone think he came to Tampa Bay in the first place? Because they put a pro bowl roster around him! Having a dominating defense didn’t hurt either.

  1. He’s not an accurate passer – in this day and age, without accuracy you’re carrying a clipboard.
    Jameis was afforded every opportunity, given his #1 overall pick status, in Tampa Bay. After 5 years the organization moved on.

    Questionable decision making and low accuracy – bad mix.
    Hope he does well as a starter in New Orleans but his history predicts otherwise. Likely a one and done as a starter with the Saints, hope I’m wrong. Seems like he’s working hard.

  2. Winston is an easy target to shit on but I think he’s better than what most will give him credit for. Mind you, 30 picks is awful but he combined that with over 5,000 yards and turned the Bucs offence from boring to fun to watch.

    Dilfer, McCown, Rattay, Shawn King, Brad Johnson, Gradkowski, old ass Jeff Garcia, Brian Greise, Leftwich, Chris Simms, Rob Johnson, Josh Johnson, Josh Freeman etc, etc.

    Other than Brady, Winston has been the best QB the team has had in the last 25 years. Winston will be the starter over Hill next season. Hill will continue to be a gadget player – short 3rd downs, 2pt conversions, H-back, etc.

  3. I think the main reason the Saints are giving Jameis Winston a long look is because they are in salary cap hell and can’t go get anyone else. It’s not like they have a choice. They have overspent for years so now they’re stuck with what they have.

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