Jalen Rose Takes Apparent Shot At Colleague Stephen A. Smith For His ‘Dumb/Lazy’ Fans

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One particular troll has upset Jalen Rose. He accused the subject of making a career of mocking the Dallas Cowboys.

Rose didn’t name names. But it’s hardly in question to whom he’s referring.

Rose posted the tweets Monday just hours after his colleague Stephen A. Smith hosted “First Take” in a Cowboys hat, trolling the fan base after the loss to the 49ers.

In the midst of his rant, Rose responded to a tweet claiming Stephen A. shacked up with his ex-wife, Molly Qerim, who’s also the moderator of Smith’s television program.

Rose has since deleted the following tweet:

Jalen Rose on Stephen A. Smith and Molly Qerim.

While Smith has increasingly become reliant on racial hysteria as he works to become a more mainstream figure — he wants to host a late-night program on ABC — he often channels his more playful side in times of misery for Cowboys fans.

He performs skits upon their losses, puts his feet up on the desk, and may pretend to smoke a cigar:

But Rose appears to not appreciate that side of Smith.

Rose’s not-so-subtle jab should make for an awkward locker room. Stephen A. and Rose are co-analysts on “NBA Countdown” along with Michael Wilbon and host Mike Greenberg. “Countdown” airs each Friday.

Perhaps Rose didn’t enjoy his time together with Smith last week?

Rose is not the only ESPN personality to attack Stephen A. on Twitter of late. Last month, bigoted, privileged, and mediocre play-by-play commentator Mark Jones shared a video calling Smith a “coon.”

Woke Off

ESPN did not discipline Jones. Of course, it didn’t. At this rate, Jones could call white people “crackers” on ESPN television without an ounce of pushback.

We’ll see if Rose is as fortunate.

Expect Rose to also use the race card should ESPN address his tweets. Rose’s career at the network has been lackluster. However, he has made waves for the following:

— Complaining that Jimmy Garoppolo, a handsome white QB, is better known for his looks than Lamar Jackson, a non-handsome black QB.

— Calling for the abolishment of Mount Rushmore as a measuring stick for greatness, on the basis of racism.

— Getting performatively mad a white player made the U.S. Men’s Basketball Team.

Say what you will about Stephen A., but at least he isn’t Jalen Rose, an unintelligent simp.

Anyways, Smith’s trolling of the Cowboys is complete. ESPN has resumed its wall-to-wall praise of Lamar Jackson and its belittlement of white QBs Joe Burrow and Josh Allen.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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