Nate Diaz Open To MMA Fight Against Jake Paul, Wants More Than $10 Million

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Nate Diaz expects to be paid a significant amount of money to fight Jake Paul in the octagon.

Paul and Diaz will square up in a boxing match August 5 in Dallas, Texas, and the social media star is a heavy favorite against the former UFC star.

However, the question many are wondering is whether or not the two men will step into the octagon for a fight after the boxing match.

Paul tweeted Monday that he’s offered Nate Diaz for an MMA bout in the PFL, which Paul owns a part of.

However, Nate Diaz doesn’t have any interest in fighting Jake Paul in an MMA event for just $10 million. He wants the bag.

“Gonna cost more than that, dog,” the legendary UFC fighter told InsideFighting when asked about the $10 million offer.

Jake Paul should be careful for what he wishes for with Nate Diaz.

The simple reality is there’s a very high chance Jake Paul handles Nate Diaz in the boxing ring without any trouble at all.

As easy as it is to make fun of Jake Paul’s boxing career, he’s never lost to a former UFC fighter. In fact, his only loss was to Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia.

There’s a reason he’s a heavy favorite in a boxing match against Nate Diaz.

Jake Paul will box Nate Diaz August 5. Will the two do an MMA fight after? (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

However, an MMA fight is a totally different animal. It’s a totally different beast, and Nate Diaz would likely obliterate Jake Paul in an MMA fight.

Remember when Ben Askren said he could commit a homicide against Paul if he wanted to? He wasn’t lying, and Jake Paul still knocked him out.

Standing and throwing punches is one thing. Getting on the ground and grappling with someone who has trained for years doing it is much different.

If Nate Diaz actually gets more than $10 million to do an MMA match against Jake Paul, the social media influencer might quickly realize the difference between boxing and fighting where just about anything goes. Be careful what you wish for. Be very careful.

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  1. Nate is a multiple BJJ black belt which takes decades of experience to accomplish. There is no comparison between boxing and MMA. Boxing is literally 1/15 of mma. Once the fight hits the clinch, it’s over.

    That’s what the boxing guys don’t understand. Once a real grappler gets their hands on them, the fight is done. Joe Rogan said a few months back during a UFC PPV, “It’s now clearer than ever, that an elite wrestler owns the highest form of mma dominance.” Not those exact words, but you get the point.

    Knockouts are great. So are submissions. Nate can do both at the highest level. All we know about Jake Paul is that he can ko Askren and Woodley, former teammates, neither high level strikers.

    Nate in the other hand, is being highly underrated for his boxing. He knows how to put combinations together, and not swing 110% on every shot. He’ll get you used to being touched, then bang! And his chin is the best in the business.

    Paul agreeing to go 10 rounds is a bad move. Nate gets stronger as fights go deeper. He had Leon Edwards on skates in the 5th round of their bout. He would’ve finished Masvidal had there not been a doctor stoppage. I could easily see him overwhelming Paul in 9 and 10 for a TKO. Paul is in big trouble.

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