Jake Gyllenhaal’s Upcoming War Movie Looks Like A Shot Of Electricity To The Heart

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“Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant” with Jake Gyllenhaal might be the country’s next great war movie.

If there’s one thing Americans love, it’s a great war film. Americans love kicking butt in war and we love telling stories about it for decades after the fact.

Have you ever met a single person who doesn’t enjoy drinking a cold beer while talking about how the USA rolled Hitler and the Nazis? Of course not, and people in this great country will watch any film about that story.

There’s a reason I watch “Band of Brothers” a couple times a year. It never gets old. Nothing hits harder than a great war movie or series.

“The Covenant” could be the next monster hit. Gyllenhaal plays an American soldier out for revenge and to help his old interpreter in Afghanistan.

A special inside look dropped today, and if you’re a fan of war movies (I assume you are if you’re reading this), you’re not going to want to miss it.

Will Jake Gyllenhaal crush it in “The Covenant”?

The formula for a great war movie – fictional or a true story – is shockingly simple. Give viewers something that is engaging, fun, suspenseful and most importantly, give viewers a movie that makes us damn proud of the red, white and blue.

That’s the same format “Top Gun: Maverick” used, and it might have single-handedly saved movie theaters.

Americans wanted a win, and Tom Cruise gave moviegoers something to cheer about as we watched Navy pilots bomb a nuclear facility.

“The Covenant” will touch on the war in Afghanistan and a military man with a code he must follow. Sounds like it was cooked up in a lab for patriots around the country.

War is hell, people die and lives change forever. However, there’s also bonds and relationships that can’t be broken.

We saw veterans rush back to get their old interpreters out during the fall of Afghanistan, and it looks like “The Covenant” will have a very similar vibe.

Plus, Gyllenhaal is an amazing actor. He can play extremely dark roles. “Prisoners” is a great example, and something tells me he’ll be outstanding in “The Covenant.”

“Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant” with Jake Gyllenhaal looks like a great war movie. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube https://youtu.be/DvqveHLiru4)

You can catch the film starting April 21 in theaters. I’ll definitely be handing over some money for a ticket and giving you all a review afterwards.

Written by David Hookstead

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