Jaguars Reportedly Getting ‘Frustrated’ with Urban Meyer Talks

Urban Meyer has not made his intentions clear to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The team still awaits his decision, but NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo reports that sources are starting to sense “frustration” from Jaguars.

“I don’t get the sense Meyer has made it clear to [the Jags] he’s willing to dive in with both feet,” Garafolo notes. “It’s more like one toe in the water.”

Besides the Jaguars, Meyer should have other options, including the Chargers. With Trevor Lawrence, the Jags are appealing. Lawrence can be a star and turn the franchise around. However, Justin Herbert is already a star and is surrounded by talent. If money and power are equal, Los Angeles is the better pick.

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Meyer can also stay and grow in broadcasting, where he has been very impressive. Broadcasting provides a better lifestyle than coaching and doesn’t have the inevitable dissatisfying ending every year. Furthermore, with a profile like Meyer’s, broadcasting can be incredibly lucrative.

At some point, the Jags will stop waiting for Meyer. He’s not Bill Belichick in the NFL, and Lawrence may fit better with a younger, more innovative head coach.

Anyway, hurry up, Urban.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers any news story that deserves attention but focuses on media. His interests include reading Stephen King novels, avoiding traffic on the road, and pretending to solve true-crime mysteries. He still believes Cersei should've won and encourages everyone to always question the news.


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  1. Bobby – Have you seen the most recent reports from Bleacher Report and Pro Football Talk? Apparently, Urban is “close” to taking the job in Jax and based on rumors fluttering amongst the NFL elite, insiders believe that he will. Just thought this speculative information was relevant to your article. Thanks – Bahad

  2. I would like to think the Jags would have a strong fallback plan in place. I agree that you would like to see more urgency and enthusiasm from the next leader of the team. There is a lot of work to do and the sooner the better.

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