Jaguars RB Travis Etienne Suffers ‘Significant’ Foot Injury, Likely Ending His Season

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Jaguars first round running back Travis Etienne suffered a foot injury in Monday night’s loss, and now tests reveal a Lisfranc injury that likely ends his season. It’s a devastating blow to a young Jaguars team that hasn’t had much success to speak of this preseason. Losing any first round pick is a formula for failure — losing a running back who could help slow the game down for Trevor Lawrence is a gut punch.

Expect most of the touches return to James Robinson, who now makes for a solid Fantasy pick-up — it just sucks it had to come to this.

At first, the reports of a sprained foot sounded promising, but for those who aren’t familiar with a Lisfranc injury, here’s what happened: one or more of the metatarsals have been displaced from the tarsus.

I’m no doctor, but it sounds almost impossible to do a job that requires sharp and sudden turns with your feet with such an injury. It also doesn’t sound like an easy or quick recovery. Again, I’m no doctor, but my advice is to expect Jaguars rookie Trevor Lawrence to rely more heavily on Robinson to catch the ball out the backfield. Robinson caught 49 passes out the backfield last year. That’s almost 50 catches with average quarterback play. What will Robinson be this upcoming season?

We’re about to find out.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

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