Jaguars Owners Shad Khan Says First Pick In Thursday’s Draft Will ‘Define Us’

The Jacksonville Jaguars are sitting with the all important first pick in Thursday’s NFL Draft, and one person who has a lot of pressure on him to start building things the right way is Jacksonville owner Shad Kahn.

Kahn was very vocal about how important the pick is Thursday night, and that it could make or break the Jags franchise for years to come.

“If you know anything about football, if you know anything about the Jaguars, yeah,” Khan said to Sports Illustrated.

“But this is a decision that … it’s gonna define us, certainly for the rest of my life. And everything I read and hear from people who know a lot more about football than I do, for them, it’s like stating the obvious.”

It’s not going to be much of a shock on Thursday when Roger Goodell reads the name “Trevor Lawrence, quarterback” as the 1st overall pick of the Jaguars, but it will be the closest to a ‘sure’ thing that the fledging franchise is likely to get.

Drafting Lawrence, a player who has all the makeup of a quarterback who can be successful from day one, is the right move in a season where there are five quarterbacks whom teams seem to be in love with.

“It’s by far the most important time for the Jaguars,” Khan said.

“That’s why I think having Urban [Meyer] leading the team, and where we ended up with the season, I knew that this would be arguably the most important decision I’d be making, maybe in my lifetime. How the stars aligned … it’s something that can really secure the future for the Jacksonville Jaguars.”

Written by Matt Loede

Matt has been a part of the Cleveland Sports landscape working in the media since 1994 when he graduated from broadcasting school. His coverage beats include the Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Cavaliers. He's written three books, and won the "2020 AP Sports Stringer Lifetime Service Award."


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  1. Shad Khan is one of the more underrated worst owners in professional sports. As in while owners like Jerry Jones and Woody Johnson get all the headlines, Khan is hiding in the back, making the same moronic moves out of the spotlight

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