Jags QB Trevor Lawrence Puts Trust In Jacksonville Leadership

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Trevor Lawrence didn’t appear to sustain any injuries in the final game of the season versus Indianapolis, but the rookie quarterback’s talking like he’s in concussion protocol. On Monday afternoon, Lawrence pledged his allegiance to Jacksonville’s shaky leadership group.

“I haven’t been around the NFL long, so I really still don’t even know how everything completely works, but I’m just trusting who is in leadership positions,” said Lawrence.

That leadership has led to 10 total wins over the last three seasons. Jacksonville finished 3-14 this year, worst in the NFL, and will pick first in April’s draft for the second consecutive season.

Plus, there was that whole Urban Meyer thing…

Not exactly inspiring leadership.

Lawrence finished his rookie campaign with 12 more losses than he sustained over his three-year Clemson career. He witnessed his first-year coach get fired mid-season, the team’s starting running back get benched, and a veteran receiver storming out of the team facility prior to practice.

Despite the unusual and unsteady circumstances surrounding his debut season, Lawrence witnessed enough positives to believe the Jags are starting to turn things around.

“It feels good,” Lawrence told Jaguars.com of Jacksonville’s 26-11 season finale win over the Colts. “And that’s definitely some momentum we want to build on.”

On Sunday afternoon, the rookie QB, who finished the season with 12 touchdowns and 17 picks, told CBS Sports’ AJ Ross, “We’re a team that no matter who it is or no matter where it is, we’re going to be ready to play. That’s what I want us to be known for moving forward, and I think we’re building towards that.”
Though he played a decent game on Sunday, it still sounds like Trevor needs his head examined.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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