Jackson, Mississippi Pothole Is Producing Tomatoes

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A day after the suburban Jackson, Mississippi Buffalo Wild Wings brawl made headlines around here, we’re headed back to Jackson for what should end up a viral story across social media channels. Christopher Fields from WLBT NBC-3 in Jackson went out to Tyrone Dr. to discover that a massive pothole is producing tomatoes. Ripe tomatoes!

And before you think this is an isolated incident, a quick Google search for “Jackson Mississippi Potholes” reveals someone opened a Twitter account dedicated to craters around the city. It hasn’t been active since 2019, but you get the point, the city produces some monster potholes.

🚨Fresh Tomatoes 🍅 growing out of a massive Jackson Pothole off of Tyrone Dr.Shop with your local POTHOLES for produce 🍅😂

Posted by Christopher Fields on Thursday, July 15, 2021

Things were so bad back in 2019 that a school bus loaded with kids got stuck in a city pothole. The bus had to be “pulled” out of the hole, according to one of the local TV stations that tracks the pothole situation.

“My son was laughing, was like, ‘The bus is stuck again,'” a mother told WLBT. “I was like, ‘Who do we need to call?’ He said, ‘Call 3 On Your Side.’ That’s the second bus that got stuck there, last year… my daughter was on there. They was going to Lanier when it got stuck. These pot holes are just terrible here.”

The pothole situation has gotten so crazy in the city that earlier this year, the city police department was issued a “no-chase policy” due to potholes. The roads are so bad that high-speed chases just aren’t safe.

“The no-chase policy is based on trying to protect the life and property of individuals who come into contact with the chase,” Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba said in January. “We’ve seen chases from outside agencies, some of which have become deadly, and several of which have led to accidents taking place on private property.”

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  1. OK, as the resident Mississippite in the room, Jackson has two problems:

    1) the whole of the electorate supports the corrupt Democrats who steal the little resources and they think its “reparations.” By this, they have little resources that actually get too the problem areas.

    2) it”s called Yazoo Clay. it permeate that whole region of the state. It’s very screwy material – it can be hard enough to build a road on one day and jello the next… I don’t understand

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