Ja Morant’s Team Allegedly Claiming Gun In Video Incident Was Fake

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Ja Morant’s representatives are alleging that the 23-year-old was caught waving a toy gun in his second gun-related incident in May.

According to a segment on Morant during Tuesday’s episode of “The Breakfast Club,” host Claudia Jordan claimed to be in contact with Ja’s camp and noted that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is aware that the gun used in the IG Live video May. 14 was a toy.

The host said, “Adam Silver is still going to go through with the suspension; looking like it should be 30 games even though the [NBA] knows it was a toy gun.”

Crafty PR move by Morant’s team or the truth?

We’ll soon know as Silver and the league wait on the conclusion of the NBA Finals to announce Ja Morant’s suspension, which is expected to be substantial.

After getting caught brandishing a gun on social media in March, Morant returned to the spotlight when he was spotted holding what looks like a handgun during a joyride with his buddies.

NBA's Ja Morant Problem Isn't Over, It's Time For The League To Do More
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With it being his second gun-related incident in two months, the NBA and Silver were left “shocked” that Morant failed to learn his lesson after his initial eight-game suspension and massive PR nightmare after his first video at Shotgun Willie’s, a strip club in Colorado.

All the Noise Caught Up To Ja Morant

Morant visited a Florida counseling program for a few days in his time away from the team. He said meditation and self-reflection helped put him back on the right track. It only took Morant two months to discredit that claim.

All of the noise caught up to Morant and the Grizzlies. The second-seeded team in the West was booted in the first round by the Los Angeles Lakers.

Adam Silver admitted to holding further evidence surrounding the second gun video, which will be included in the eventual suspension news.

“We look at both the history of prior acts, but then we look at the individual player’s history as well, and the seriousness, of course, of the conduct,” Silver said before the start of The Finals. “So those are all things that get factored. It’s not an exact science. It comes down to judgment at the end of the day on the part of me and my colleagues in the league office.”

Adam Silver COVID Protocols
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The troubled Grizzlies star — whose off-the-court controversies have ranged from threatening security guards to smacking a teenager over a pickup basketball game — apparently fooled audiences with his second gun incident.

Time will eventually tell if Morant fooled everyone or if he was the one acting a fool.

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