J.K. Rowling Hilariously Reacts To Harry Potter Being Arrested For Crack Possession

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J.K. Rowling showed her sense of humor Friday night on Twitter.

Rowling has become a force on social media due to the fact she doesn’t lack fear when it comes to speaking out in support of biological women.

The “Harry Potter” author has taken serious heat from transgender activists for believing spaces meant for women should be protected from men.

However, she brought a little bit of a different vibe Friday night. She reacted to a newspaper clipping that showed a man named Harry Potter being arrested for crack possession, and wrote, “Never said it was easy being the chosen one.”

J.K. Rowling goes viral with Harry Potter/crack possession joke.

Just in case you’re wondering how popular Rowling is online, her tweet above has been seen more than two million times in less than 12 hours.

She’s not just the author of the most popular youth book series ever written. She also has jokes for 14 million followers.

J.K. Rowling goes viral with Harry Potter/crack possession joke on Twitter. (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

To be clear, this isn’t a new newspaper clipping. If you search for it, it appears to have first appeared online in 2018. It’s not even clear whether or not it’s real. It’s pretty murky. It’s definitely been on Reddit for years, but as we all know, believing anything on Reddit without doing some due diligence is very foolish.

Having said that, this is a fun reminder that it’s always a great idea to not take yourself too seriously. Never be afraid to crack some jokes.

Some of the replies were also hilarious.

The woke mob might hate J.K. Rowling and try to trash her on a regular basis. Yet, she’s just out here living life, cracking jokes and having a good time. There’s no question she’s winning and they’re not. Now, go ahead and fire up a “Harry Potter” film and just say no to drugs!

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