Ivana Knoll Puts A Smile On Qatari Fan’s Face With Her Latest Skimpy World Cup Outfit

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The winner of the World Cup has yet to be determined. The on the field winner that is. Off of the field of play the winner is clear. Nobody has had a better World Cup than model Ivana Knoll.

The Croatian model has nearly doubled her Instagram following supporting Croatia with her increasingly skimpy Croatian flag-inspired outfits. She’s cranked up the content and removed the clothing once she received the go ahead from the Qatari locals.

“The locals confirmed to me that I can wear whatever I want,” she said. “But I didn’t know that my video in a bikini walking by the sea would be such a big deal. The whole country is speaking about it. Everybody knows me here, and I saw that I was accepted.”

That acceptance of Ivana’s clothing choices seems to have been confirmed with a couple of pictures showing Qatari fans in the stand reacting to her walking down the aisle.

In the pictures, which she made sure to share, the men notice Ivana making her way to her seat. They respond by pulling out their phones to document the moment for their friends who couldn’t witness her outfit in person.

Ivana Knoll Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

The smile on the one fan’s face says it all, to most people anyway. Qatari entrepreneur, Mohammed Hassan Al-Jefairi, isn’t one of them.

He has a different take on why the fans reacted the way they did. It’s all but certain Hassan Al-Jefairi wasn’t among the locals who approved of Ivana’s clothing choices.

He tweeted out in response to the pictures, “Just for your info they take a photo not because they like her but because they don’t like the way she is mis-dressed on regards to our culture.”

“You can confirm this with any local Qatari,” he added. “Probably to report it.”

That’s one hell of a spin zone by my man here. There’s no chance that’s the case. Does that mean the authorities won’t track these guys down and have them make that claim? Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

While we’re at it, let’s hope there isn’t a sudden crackdown on Ivana’s choices of support for Croatia. It would be a shame if her historic World Cup performance in Qatar was marred by a sudden enforcement of ridiculous clothing restrictions.

Ivana’s next opportunity to put smiles on the faces of Qatari fans from inside Bin Ali Stadium will be on Monday when Croatia takes on Japan in the knockout round.

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Written by Sean Joseph

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