Ivana Knoll Is The Latest To Hop On The ‘Circumboob’ Trend

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Hopping on the latest trend isn’t for everyone. Undoubtedly some of the latest trends themselves aren’t for everyone. Navigating that world as an influencer, and deciding which trends to hop on and which ones to let pass by, can be a tricky thing to do.

Ivana Knoll has navigated the scene to near perfection. She’s been selective with what she’s decided to throw her influence behind. That patience has managed to extend her run in the spotlight like few have been able to do.

Ivana Knoll Circumboob
Croatian model the latest to hop on the circumboob bikini trend (Image Credit: Ivana Knoll/Instagram)

The Croatian model revealed last month that she was receiving a ridiculous amount requests on a daily basis to join OnlyFans. The answer, for now, is no.

Here’s what she had to say about the requests she was receiving, “From everybody, from the agencies, and I was like ‘I don’t know why they cannot accept that I don’t want to open one,’ it’s not everything about money.”

“I don’t judge, I’m just not that kind of person. It’s not for me,” she added. “I tried to explain that it’s not about money always, I care about reputation.”

After stiff-arming multiple requests to get on the exclusive content platform, the Croatian model did decide to put get in on a trend that is picking up steam. She hopped on the “circumboob” bikini trend.

Knoll’s version included a slice of watermelon and the caption, “watermelon or peach fan?”

Add Ivana Knoll’s Name To The Growing List Of Influencers Who Are In On The Trend

Model Gabrielle Epstein brought the bikini trend to the mainstream last week when the fashion statement she shared with her 3 million followers grabbed the internet’s attention.

A couple of day later Playboy cover model Sephora Maria Noori got in on the action. Her version of the circumboob trend was dropped on her 560,000 followers and helped it pickup some more steam.

With Knoll’s 3.5 million followers added to the fun there’s not going to be a way to slow this trend down. It’s here for at least the next few months and a trend we’ll be watching closely.

Sure those who hate all things fun will try their best to ruin everyone’s summer, but they’re no match for the force a few influencers with massive followings have.

Written by Sean Joseph

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