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The Daly Cup

Listen, the Daly Cup sounds cool and all, plus they raise money for charity, but I have to say the Put-In-Bay two-club invitational is on this level for just 9-holes. And you get to play barefoot, if you like.

Speaking of PIB, yes, I owe everyone a concrete date for this year. There have been some scheduling issues with my 10U coaching career and my tournament co-director Anthony Bellino’s burgeoning radio career. I’m awaiting one final update for his summer schedule and then I’m ready to book.

As for the Daly Cup, don’t think they’re throwing a Bud Light protest here. Remember, John Daly is on record as a Miller Lite guy. “I’m a Miller Lite guy, always have been, since I was 9,” Daly is quoted as once saying.

Is that quote real? It’s John Daly, of course it’s more likely to be real than fake.

And yes, the Hooters Girls were at the Daly Cup. What a tradition these guys have started. Great job.

Screencaps mailbag

• Zach W. writes:

Hi Joe.  Does the fact that the Democrats are running Joe Biden again, (who will be nearly 82 years old at the end of 2024), and not allowing any primary debates prove that despite what they call conservatives, THEY are in fact the cult members?


I’d like a documentary into who is actually running Biden on a day-to-day basis. Is there some sort of consortium of libs in some windowless room acting as his Impractical Jokers? They press a buzzer and he starts talking. They press the same buzzer and he stops to shake hands with air. They press another buzzer causing him to read the wrong words on a screen and then they all laugh their asses off at what they’re pulling off?

Look, I’m way too busy with Screencaps, mowing, 10U baseball, running a drunken golf event, and picking up the kids from school to keep track of all this stuff.

I’m going to need a Netflix doc on this run these Impractical Jokers have been on with Uncle Joe.


• Glyn writes:

“Welcome to Tennessee, patron state of shootin’ stuff.” – Bobby Lee Swagger in Shooter

Checking in from Texas

• Rob DeG. writes:

Got the TNML Stickers, thank you!  Little Garage Fridge update, the front is nearly full, sides are rapidly filling up. Hope she hangs in there…but if she goes, I’m hanging those doors like fine art!

My 2 cents on the Bud Light fiasco…why drink that crap when we now can get Yuengling Light lager and Flight in Texas, presuming you’re looking for Light beer. Both excellent but different, Flight is eminently crushable, great for hot days in the pool, Light Lager is a perfect sunset beer, a bit more Malt than flight and nice Amber color. 

In Texas we also have some excellent Light Texas beers, currently that would include Aluminum Cowboy from Hop & Sting Brewery in Grapevine TX, and of course Shiner Light Blond is great…and its Shiner, can’t get much more Texan than that!

About to turn Sixty soon, don’t feel it, like to think I don’t look it, but here it comes regardless. Gonna keep living that best Patio Life every day along with my beautiful Bride of 36 years. Keep on doing great things, and don’t worry about AI, no way it  could EVER accomplish anything near to what you’ve done with the SC Nation. Thanks again Joe, until next time. 

Here’s a topic that’ll start a conversation around the water cooler today at work

This makes me think that it’s just a matter of time before Hallmark starts leaning into 4/20 as its next fake holiday to pump up card sales. I could see cards that play Snoop when they’re opened and maybe even smoke comes out of the card.

Million-dollar idea. One of you should jump on that.

Keith W. asked for help on a Savannah/Hilton Head trip with his family & now I’m worn out from forwarding all the emails…you guys crushed it

• Louie in Savannah writes:

When in Savannah, make sure to stay at a hotel downtown in the historic district.  Everything in the Historic District is walking distance and there are tons of restaurants and bars.  Forsythe Park has a great playground for the kids, my wife and I have two boys (9.5 and 7).  You can get “to go” drinks in the festival area downtown and carry them with you as you walk around from bar to bar or all over the area.  Wet Willie’s on River St. has great frozen drinks.  The Pink House and Vic’s on the River are excellent fancy restaurants but with the kids I would recommend Spanky’s (River St.), B&D Burgers (Broughton St), and Crystal Beer Parlor (Jones St).

Savannah’s Beach is Tybee Island, about 20 minutes from downtown, Hilton Head is a much better family beach though.  Tybee is the “party beach” and Hilton Head is the family beach.

For Hilton Head, stay at a hotel near Coligny Beach.  That beach is a great family beach, some restaurants and shops within walking distance.  There is an awesome family park across the street with a fantastic playground for the kids, it has a huge pirate ship play area.  Skull Creek Boathouse is 15 minute drive from Coligny Beach and is my favorite restaurant.  They have a huge bar right on the river, spectacular food and drinks, and a small outdoor play area for the kids.

For a day trip, head to Jekyll Island, it’s about an hour south of Savannah, right off 95.  You can park in the main visitor area and walk around the majority of the island.  There is a sea turtle aquarium, parks, and the nice beaches.  Very easy to spend the whole day there with lots to do.  There is also a tiny water park there.


Workplace safety

• Heywood J. writes:

This is straight out of a John Carpenter movie


It’s ridiculous that this video gets a “Warning” label from Twitter. It’s a workplace safety video! Elon’s team needs to do better.

Speaking of family vacations

Last night, I locked in airfare for a Kinsey family vacation in August to lovely Florida to visit my mom and Siesta Key. This will be the longest vacation I’ve taken in 13 years. No, I’m not saying that as some sort of badge of honor. It’s a reminder that it’s been one helluva long road working on the Internet to get to a point where this is doable.

Plus, now our kids are finally at that age where a 9-day trip makes sense.

I know, I know, I know…it sounds absolutely brutal to go that many years without taking an extended vacation when most of you are on full vacations five times a year.

It doesn’t mean we haven’t done some nice stuff and taken the kids on trips to see Mickey. This one is just built differently. I just want to sit on the beach and not hear a computer beeping at me.

Go have fun in the water kids. I’ll be right here in this chair — without a phone.

Traeger vs. Blackstone

• Jason S. writes:

I finally have settled the debate once and for all.


I take it to mean that Jason went ahead and got one of each so there’s no need to debate.

That’s it for this glorious final Wednesday in April 2023. The sun is out for the first time in days and the grass is on straight Frank Thomas testosterone boosters right now.

Have a great day across this incredible place we call home. I know the politicians are going to piss you off today. Don’t let them steal all of your vibes. Go for a walk, turn off social media and listen to the birds.

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