It’s Time For The Sixers To Move On From Ben Simmons

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After blowing a 26-point lead in game 5 to the Atlanta Hawks, the 76ers have a glaring weakness: Ben Simmons and his free throw shooting. There’s a big difference between being sub-par at the charity stripe and not even a professional basketball player. Simmons is letting this organization down on the biggest stage, so it’s time for management to finally do it:

Philadelphia should trade Ben Simmons this off-season.

As you can see, Simmons has missed more free throws (45) than any team remaining in the playoffs. That is a complete joke and what makes matters worse is that Simmons is a point guard. We’ve seen “hack-a-shaq” centers get exposed at the free throw line, but never a ball-dominant point guard.

And what better time is there to move Ben Simmons than now? He was just named to the All-NBA defensive first team. Simmons is a great player other than the fact that he can’t put the ball in the hoop, and that becomes a problem this time of year — like every year.

His running mate, Joel Embiid, showed out last night with 25 first half points which he followed up with an exhausted let down of a second half. That’s on Ben Simmons. When you land a five-year, $177 million max deal extension, you better be able to score the ball. If not, did anyone think it sufficed to have one of the highest paid players on the team not be able to shoot free throws? It’s unacceptable and if the Sixers want to win an NBA championship, well, that can’t be the case.

Check the common denominators

Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and that’s about it. Two different head coaches the last four seasons with roster overhauls each and every year. Spacing and a lack of shooting has been the Sixers’ demise four straight seasons, so will GM Daryl Morey make the move? He should because if he waits any longer, Simmons won’t be worth a hoot to any team.

I actually can’t imagine he’d be worth much now, either. It’s still better to rip the bandaid off now.

These type of videos are funny, but come on. A championship team’s second best player is being cheered on like that niece you took off work for that sucked? Figure it out, Daryl Morey. Simmons has got to go.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. When I used to watch the NBA I followed the hawks, and they were the ones usually blowing big leads and not beating teams they were better than, or having trouble putting them away. Anybody remember NTTH? Never Trust The Hawks. Was a meme back when ESPN used to have comments on their articles, and when they had streams or chat rooms or whatever they were that allowed some of their people and fans to interact.

    How the turn tables

  2. To be honest, I don’t watch. Simmons being a max salary guy doesn’t make sense to me and it’s a contributing factor in why I don’t watch. The game is bad, and overpaying for players that don’t try to even elevate their games…throw in politics, and it’s just not anything I’m interested in anymore. Reading articles to kill a few minutes.

  3. Simmons absolutely refuses to shoot perimeter shots, or take chances he might get fouled. He should probably play center somewhere. You can’t have your ballhandler not at least take some threes in today’s game. Plus, there’s no room for him down low, Embiid is there. It’s a bad combo.

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