It’s Double-Digit Favorite Week for Vinnie Verno

Like Vinnie Verno, I think the opening line in the Arkansas-Ole Miss line — 15.5 — is a gift from the Gods. I have no idea who is looking at Ole Miss’s roster and continuing to believe the Rebels have a chance to keep this game close. Can Vinnie Verno get to 5-0 for a change? I’m not sure, but you know who is really rolling up an unbelievable record this fall? My guys at the Prediction Machine. Try over 70% right so far this season. Plus, they project fantasy stats, survivor leagues, you name it and they absolutely kill everyone else in the market.

You can go to his site here for free picks, fantasy news and whatnot. He’s hitting right at 70% against the spread right now.

And now, the one, the only Vinnie Verno.

You can see all of Vinnie Verno’s fine work here:


Written by Clay Travis

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