It’s a Messy Situation for Dak Prescott and The Dallas Cowboys

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Dak Prescott. It appears that Dak and the Cowboy are not going to reach a settlement and sign a new longer-term deal.

Dak will play under the salary cap structure of the franchise tag this year.

This seems like a messy situation for the Cowboys going forward.

It also solidifies that the Cowboy are not willing to overpay — even for a quarterback who has been drastically underpaid for the last four years.

Here’s a stat that’s absolutely crazy. Do you know what Dak Prescott has been paid for the first four years as a Dallas Cowboys quarterback?

$2.7 million total. That’s just under $700,000 a year to play quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

Dak is saying that they have to pay him for what he’s worth now but they have to pay him for what he was worth for the last four years.

One of the reasons that he’s asking for so much money is that he played out his rookie contract, did everything they could ask for, he made only $700,000 per year when starting quarterbacks are making $30 million per year.

That’s why he is saying they need to pay him for the years ahead but also for what he was worth over the four years that he was the starting quarterback.

Not to mention he has been a stellar off-the-field leader. Never said a bad word. Never held out like Zeke Elliott.

Could you blame him if he held out after this year or if he insisted on being an unrestricted free agent. I also wouldn’t want to give him that if I were the Dallas Cowboys.

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  1. Jerry paid Aikman (really had no choice); Jerry paid Romo (some people wonder why); and now he will not pay the QB that has QB’d the team to 2 division titles, a playoff win, and has never missed a single game due to injury. It is difficult for me to believe this is over a 4 or 5 year deal.

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