Italian Man Wears Prosthetic Arm in Attempt to Avoid COVID Shot

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An Italian man had it all planned out. The country’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates weren’t going to get him. Or so he thought.

According to the New York Post, a man, known as an “anti-vaxxer,” showed up to receive the COVID-19 jab this week wearing a prosthetic arm. And now reports say he may have spent hundreds of euros for the hardware.

“The 50-year-old — who sought to avoid the jab but still get the so-called Green Pass — signed a consent form and lifted up his sleeve for the health care worker, who didn’t notice anything amiss at first.

“But when the woman touched the faux limb, she realized something was odd, told the man to remove his shirt and discovered the trickster’s strong-arm tactic.”

The worker, Filippa Bua, said the incident “offended [her] as a professional” and that the “color of the arm made [her] suspicious. It was well-made, but it wasn’t the same color.”

When she couldn’t find any veins on the man, she questioned her own sanity. “At first, I thought I made a mistake,” she said.

“Would you have imagined that I’d have such a physique?” the man responded to her.

Piemonte president Alberto Cirio said the man will now “have to respond to the judiciary.”

Italy has announced new stringent vaccine measures that prohibit unvaccinated people from entering venues like nightclubs, restaurants, theaters, and gyms. No wonder the prosthetic-armed man wanted a Green Pass so bad.

Written by Bobby Burack

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