It Was The Breast Of Times In Montreal, Following Canadiens Win

Canadiens fans are doing their breast to inspire the team after staving off elimination Monday night. Following Montreal’s 3-2 win in Game Four of the Stanley Cup Finals, fans took to the streets to celebrate. One female supporter provided the crowd of onlookers a free peak at her anatomy, to a round of cheers.


The Montreal fans seemed equally as pleased with the Mardi Gras-like flash as they were with the victory over Tampa Bay. A nearby fan can be heard screaming: “Let’s Goooo!” before the enthusiastic coed forever implanted her mammeries into our memories.

It was a Josh Anderson overtime goal that gave the Canadiens their first win in the best of seven series, prompting crowd celebrations both inside and outside of the arena. Some more PG than others.

Avoiding elimination in front of the home fans seemed to inspire the Habs: “We didn’t want to end it tonight in front of our fans,” said Anderson via USA Today. “We expected to go to Tampa tomorrow. I think everybody in that locker room did, and we packed our bags this afternoon. We just had that feeling that we were going to win tonight.”

Fans of the Canadiens certainly hope the Game Four performance wasn’t just a flash in the pan.

Written by Anthony Farris


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