Is Tom Brady All In? And Lambo Is Lame. Dakich Deep Thoughts

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Let me see if I understand this. Tom Brady is going to sign a 10-year, $375 million contract to call the biggest NFL games on Fox and be an “ambassador” for Fox with clients and potential clients. This contract will begin upon his retirement from football. A couple thoughts come to mind

– Good for Fox. They get the biggest name in football doing their biggest games.
– Bad for Tampa Bay. They have a QB with one foot out the door. I want my QB ALL FREAKING IN.
– As great as Brady is, have you ever watched a “big game” because of the announcers? I enjoy certain announcers more than others, but I’ve never turned on the biggest football or basketball game due to the announcers. Maybe I’m an anomaly, but I’ve got a feeling a bag of sand could announce Rams v Bucs and folks would watch.
-The “Ambassador” part I love, as Tom Brady is Captain America and everything he touches turns to cold hard cash. A modern day Midas of green.
Great hire. Welcome to the team, Tom. Now, come on my show!
On to the next…
Josh Lambo is suing the Jaguars for $3.5 million due to the Jags allowing a “hostile environment” under Urban Meyer. Lambo alleges Meyer kicked him, a charge Meyer denied on my Outkick Show “Don’t @ Me.” Lambo further alleges that a “heated exchange” with Meyer affected his performance and cost him money after the team released him.
What’s wrong with folks? Seriously, what is wrong with our world? A football coach has an “exchange” that the kicker admits he instigated, and the coach’s response to this soft-ass kicker is enough for him to sue.
The quote “manipulation is when they blame you for their disrespect” absolutely applies and has become one of my all time favorite quotes (along with “no good deed goes unpunished” and “be careful what you wish for.) Lambo disrespects Meyer in front of the team, Meyer responds, and Lambo sues. They say sports is a microcosm of life, and they ain’t lyin’. This suit will be laughed at and tossed out, as it should be.
This article will be decried as #toxicmasculinity by whiners with a victim mentality. Good, whine away.
Men need to go back to being men. Quit being so damn sensitive and read Wild At Heart by John Eldredge. It’s a book that gives men permission to be freaking men.
Go ahead, criticize this article. I’ll sue for emotional distress.
The NBA playoffs have been fantastic.
I get that many folks say, “I can’t watch the NBA it’s too woke. It’s too long.” I ain’t mad at you, as I haven’t picked up my Pacers press pass in three years. However, the playoffs are fantastic.
Actually, I argue the NBA playoffs are better that the NCAA Tournament. Now, relax. I didn’t say the NCAA Tournament was bad or not great. I simply said the NBA Playoffs are better to me. Let me give you my reasons:
1. The players are much, much, much better. Don’t @ Me about this. Every NBA game, there are 15-20 plays made that would have made Dickie V’s head explode with excitement. Ja Morant has had 20 different type finishes around the basket that I literally have never seen a college kid do EVER.
2. Crowds! NCAA Tournament crowds are neutral site, corporate driven, in massive domes. The best seats go to sponsors and a variety of suits and other big wigs that spend most of the games checking phones for stock quotes and texts from wives or mistresses. NBA crowds are loud, passionate and always involve some type of t-shirt giveaway. Ever go to a game and see millionaires fighting over a t-shirt parachuting down from the rafters? T-shirts draw, baby.
3. Rivalries. NBA rivalries are historic, involve entire cities and always get heated.
NCAA rivalries are mostly about coaches. This year was the first time EVER we had UNC v Duke in the NCAA Tournament. My Indiana Hoosiers last played their hated rival Purdue in 1980.
4. The Halftime Show on TNT. Shaq, Kenny and Charles are simply the best. Not another close. Clark Kellogg replacing Shaq for the NCAA Tournament diminishes it greatly, as the uber vanilla Kellogg adds nothing.
ESPN’s NBA halftime show is and has always been gawd awful. They literally can’t get it right. Nobody on that show is likeable, and none are actual team players like Barkley. Jalen Rose is all about Jalen Rose. Smith yells with no real knowledge, and Wilbon is just there.
It’s abysmal, BUT not nearly as abysmal as the Rex Chapman/Candace Parker-led train wreck on whichever network it finds itself during the NCAA Tournament. That show featured an unprepared group that had no knowledge or chemistry, but due to the participants’ wokeness, it was not nearly as criticized as it deserved.
Lastly, all I want from a president is:
– never hear the word “inflation”
– keep gas prices down and the stock market up
This goes back to my teens when a smiling, ill-prepared peanut farmer named Jimmy Carter became president. I thought Carter would be the worst president of my lifetime…he’s been surpassed by this guy

Written by Dan Dakich


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