Is It Time for TAMU To Pull the Plug on Jimbo Fisher?

Jimbo Fisher is only two games into his third year at Texas A&M. He signed a massive 10-year, $75 million contract in December 2017. Yet here we are, writing headlines like this and it’s not even clickbait. It’s a legit question that many A&M fans have found themselves asking.

The hilarious part about the situation in College Station is the fact that someone within the A&M boosters actually believed that Fisher at $75 million guaranteed was the missing piece for the Aggie program. This same Aggie program has exactly one double-digit win season since 1999, the miracle 2012 season, during which time Johnny Manziel put on a Scooby Halloween costume and took a few photos at a bar, only to beat Alabama two weeks later. It was one of the craziest 18-month stretches in college football history.

The position A&M finds itself in right now can be tied directly back to that season when Manziel set an SEC record for total yards in a season — 3,706 passing and 1,410 rushing. Aggie fans started to think 11-win seasons and beating Bama was their new God-given right. The school was printing money off the back of Manziel.

A&M estimated Manziel’s media exposure during his Heisman run that fall generated $37 million in revenue. The Aggies finished 5th in the final AP poll, Manziel was coming back in 2013 and everyone was feeling great.

Then Manziel and A&M lose to Alabama 49-42 in Week 3 of 2013. The Aggies QB had a huge game, throwing for five touchdowns. Four short weeks later, he lost to Auburn. Four weeks after that, he lost to LSU on a cold, rainy day in Baton Rouge. That was about it for the Manziel era at A&M. The Aggies fell once more at Missouri the following week before finishing with a Chick-fil-A Bowl appearance and a record of 9-4.

A&M has one 9-win season since Manziel left, Jimbo Fisher’s first year. Jimbo’s losses have come to Clemson (2), Alabama (3), Mississippi State, Auburn (2), Georgia and LSU.

The fact of the matter is that A&M is the Michigan of the SEC. They’re good enough to give the top teams a game here and there, but they’re not beating the top teams very often. Eight wins is a solid season, nine is pretty good and anything over that is exceptional because it means the Aggies beat a top-tier team.

Is it time to pull the plug on Jimbo? That’s up to the guys with Texas oil money who pay his salary and who hoot and hollered when Jimbo wore the cowboy hat at his introduction. At the end of the day, an eight-win program got exactly what it deserved giving Jimbo all that money. The reincarnation of Johnny Manziel isn’t walking through that door anytime soon, and the cool factor has long since worn off the A&M program.


Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Wow, where did Texas A&M touch you, or was it Jimbo himself. This is just a simple retread of all the national talking points, not based on facts, but for some reason based on Jimbo making 7.5MM, which if you look around CFB, is not that much for a proven coach, much less for one with a title under his belt. Clay, have your people do better, there is plenty of stuff to bang TAMU on, but an article that is neither original nor insightful is kinda a let down.

  2. A&M gets way too much publicity, always has, and never has any results on the field that actually matter. Their fans and boosters think they’re a national powerhouse. Never have been, never will be. Jimbo’s problems currently at A&M with QB development stagnation, inadequate WRs and dreadful offensive line issues are exactly the same issues FSU had before and after Winston and that 2013-14 defense. He’s straight trash.

    • Partially agree with you here; Definitely agree about A&M. Solid program but they are essentially Clemson before the Dabo era – plenty of bowl games and 7/8/9 win seasons but never dominant for more than a year. Only difference is they have more money than Clemson. However, I think Jimbo is a pretty good coach given how well he did vs his rivals as the HC at FSU. Hell of a recruiter but he did let the O-line and defense go to shit at FSU. He’s definitely not the worst option for A&M but it’s a lot of $$ for not a lot of progress thus far.

  3. First let me state that I usually enjoy your insight on things. On that note:
    Mr Kinsey Please peddle your Bullshit elsewhere. It is not your job or any other media members job to tell TAMU when to cut the chord on Fisher. The attitude of players and atmosphere around the Team are such an improvement over the past three coaching staffs. Would every Aggie like to see more wins? Sure. Will it happen in time? Maybe. Totally agree with Stephen S above. Come on Man this kind of article is not Outkick worthy. We have all seen you do better than this.

  4. Tough crowd in here, you guys ought to try creating 4 or 5 compelling stories per day, I can imagine its not easy.

    Jimbo is a very good coach, but he cashed in his FSU chips at the perfect time. His program was falling apart, the O-line was among the worst in the ACC, and he did not have the heir apparent to James, they still don’t.

  5. Guaranteed. Money.

    Whatever happens, A&M is stuck with the bill. Jimbo played the Aggies, and took home a fine payoff. It doesn’t really matter what Jimbo does, the money will keep rolling in. If the Aggies get exasperated and fire him, the money keeps rolling in. He has no real incentive to stay up nights or miss that afternoon tee time. The money keeps rolling in.

    The real fun will be if Tom Herman loses another few games, and the UT Bigfeet get Urban Fever…

  6. He got extremely lucky one year by playing absolutely nobody during the season and getting a kickoff return td in the national championship game because a defender blew a hammy on the play. They are stuck with him and I don’t feel sorry for them. He also covered for rapey Jameis which can’t be forgotten.

  7. Jimbo is a good coach but you are absolutely correct, Joe. Texas A&M has always been a decent program but it has no history as a winning culture. All that oil money, a couple good seasons and Aggie fans think they’re entitled to 10 wins a year.. Just throw money at the problem.

    I would take Jimbo back in a heartbeat but I that’s a lot of money to pay for pedestrian results.

  8. Jimbo is a great coach and in 8yrs more years 7.5 mil a year for a college coach with a ring will be cheep. So leave him alone he will have a big year in year 5 and 6, and I’m an LSU fan. Plus weren’t they hit with recruiting violations so he’s restricted.

    • I agree. He can recruit and with several more classes and time I think he can put together a winning team. but… will the A&M boosters have the patience? Especially if things get worse before they get better.

  9. Also I just want to say I’m a believer in the long tenured coaches I love the Steelers because of there loyalty to there coaches and it eventually pays off for the team and the fans, I hope Coach O gets a ten year deal even if we have some 5 loss seasons would be better than the 3 year coach rotation.

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