Is DeShaun Watson Worth Three First Round Picks For Washington?

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The Washington Football Team is in desperate need of a long-term, franchise quarterback. Deshaun Watson, while seemingly expensive, could be a possible target. There will obviously be competition for his services, but should Washington even consider it?

According to Jeremy Fowler at ESPN, Washington is one of several teams that could be in play for Watson. In order to win the sweepstakes, it would take at least three first-round picks — and could be more, depending on draft position and other factors.

So, back to the question. Should Washington consider bringing in Watson? The answer is yes, absolutely.

There are a lot of holes on the roster, none of which will be fixed by bringing in the Clemson product. With that being said, there is absolutely no way a team can win consistently in the NFL without quality play at the quarterback position.

Decision-makers in NFL front offices are constantly searching for that guy. And having the opportunity to land a known commodity such as Watson is a rare occurrence. It doesn’t matter the cost, go get him if you can.

If that’s three first round picks, so be it. If that has to include a quality starter … once again, so be it.

Now, that would also mean that Watson would have to want Washington as well. Due to the no-trade clause built into his contract, he controls where he wants to go, in some ways. The Miami Dolphins are a strong possibility, and maybe the New York Jets are too.

Washington? That remains to be seen. The point is that it shouldn’t come down to asking price. Take advantage of the rare opportunity, and worry about how to accumulate more talent at other positions later. Terry McLaurin and Antonio Gibson will certainly thank you for it.

Ethan Cadeaux with NBC Sports recently did a great job breaking down the case for and against making the deal. Me? I don’t think there should be any reasonable stop signs. But Cadeaux at least takes a look at the other side of things.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. Rivera has coached basket cases before so maybe there is a motivation to go for it. After all, he is riverboat Ron. I wonder if Houston fans and management are tired of the social justice warrior-like whining? He needs a fresh start somewhere IMHO.

  2. Redskins fan here. I say No. Too many holes to fill in the roster. RGIII move set them back years and it turns out they got a better one in the same draft in the 4th round. I hope they learn from that mistake.

  3. I could see two firsts, not three. A QB does set your team up the next 7-8 years, but the risk of losing 3 years of top picks can set your team back even further. What if he gets hurt…again? What if he becomes a locker room problem (he’s been a tad divisive of late for sure)? Too bad, you’re stuck. You also have to be set at your other key positions: LT, 1-2 WR, TE, RB. I don’t think Washington’s quite solidified enough there to be making this move. McLaurin is good, Gibson showed flashes at RB, but that’s it. Everyone else is a giant question mark. You give up 3 firsts you’re not highly encouraged that you’re filling those other holes with a good player for at least 3 years. If Washington thinks they can’t get worse, then go for it. The Texans will win that deal imo- it’s tremendous for them.

  4. I live in Houston, not a texans fan. Watson should get the heck outta dodge, they texans owner is not qualified to run team. Bob McNairs daughter would be 10 times better. Its not often when former players speak out against former team management.

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