Is Cubs Manager David Ross OutKicking His Coverage With Torrey DeVitto? You Make The Call

Well, well, well look at what was revealed over the weekend. Cubs manager David Ross, 43, is officially in the Instagram official stage with Chicago Med actress Torrey DeVitto, 37, who went as far as stating “Love him madly” on the social media site. If that wasn’t enough to confirm the divorced father of three is officially on a relationship heater, DeVitto even added a red heart emoji.

DeVitto, who has appeared on the NBC medical drama since 2015 in her role as Natalie Manning, has also done work on Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and appeared in 40 episodes of Pretty Little Liars from 2010-2017, has gone as far as drawing a heart around Ross on a photo of him managing during a game in Cincinnati.

All of this begs the legitimate question: Has David Ross outkicked his coverage here?

Look, let’s cut to the chase here, Ross looks like a guy who should be worried about cutting his yard on Thursday night so it looks amazing for the weekend. Maybe he comes back in and gives it an emergency cut early Saturday to give it that perfect, fresh-cut look before a patio party.

Now that guy is out here dating one of the more recognized TV show actresses. That leads me to say Ross completely outkicked his coverage here in the dating department. DeVitto is divorced; Ross finalized his in 2020. This has all the makings of Mexican vacation during the All-Star break for Rossy. The mowing can wait. This guy has work to do in the relationship department.

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via Torrey DeVitto/Instagram

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(Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)
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Written by Joe Kinsey

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