Is Cam Newton Already Embracing ‘The Patriot Way’?

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The big question when Cam Newton signed with the New England Patriots was if and when he would embrace The Patriot Way® and the answer seems to be when he landed in Boston via a commercial flight and the Boston media started asking questions. Game over. Cam is officially embracing the Hoodie Doctrine and you can’t blame the guy a bit at this point.

Remember, Cam is on a one-year contract with $550,000 guaranteed. That’s it. Yes, there’s $6.45 million in incentives and bonuses dangling out there for him to earn, but he’ll need to be starting to make that money. In other words, Cam needs to roll into Patriots camp ready to win a job, win games and then the massive contract negotiations begin with a new team(s) in 2021.

Hence, the “I’m not talking” response to a Boston reporter.

Does this look like a guy who wants to disappoint Hoodie and cost himself $20+ million in 2021? Full business and hydration mode.

Meanwhile, you have Jarrett Stidham out here thinking he’s the next Tommy Brady. This is going to be the training camp battle to watch. Don’t forget that Jarrett was a 4th round pick and how Hoodie loves him some late-round draft picks. Also keep in mind that Stidham spent last year learning from Tommy. One other thing: Brian Hoyer is back in Patriots camp. No pressure, Jarrett.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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