VIDEO: Irish ‘boxer’ wins unfair fight against armed Turkish mob

Let’s say you’re vacationing in Istanbul, you go to open a street vendor’s refrigerator to get a cold bottle of water and lots of bottles come spilling out.

It happens. In most cases, you’d help the vendor pick up the bottles, buy your drink and move on.

That’s not at all what happened in Turkey for Mohammed Fadel Dobbous.

Here’s how it appears to have gone down: After spilling the bottles, the furious (presumed) owner comes running out with a wooden pole in his hand. What ensues is a mob going after Dobbous, a trained Kuwaiti-Irish fighter (although he doesn’t professionally box), who’s forced to defend himself and open a can of whoopass on the mob.

“I went to get a bottle of water,” Dobbous told a Turkish news station. “When I opened the door they fell all over me. I said I was sorry — accidents happen. But I was shocked at what happened next.”

The mob comes at Dobbous, hitting him with poles and chairs and throwing signs at him. It didn’t really work for this guy.

Dobbous didn’t come out completely unscathed, saying he hurt his hand and dislocated his shoulder in the brawl. Perhaps even more regrettably, “I lost my phones, my gold chain and I lost my watch,” he said.

It’s unclear whether Dobbous said anything to escalate the incident, and he certainly didn’t run from it. Considering he was being attacked by an armed mob and walked away from it in good enough shape to do a TV interview, Dobbous won this totally unfair fight by unanimous decision and had the final word. “They should fight like men,” he said. “You don’t have to come at me with weapons. Come at me with your hands.”

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(h/t Daily Record)

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Written by Clay Travis

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