Irish Boxer Withdraws From Olympics Due To Celebration Injury

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Irishman Aidan Walsh was so ecstatic after his welterweight split decision over Mauritis’ Merven Clair that he launched himself into the air in jubilation and promptly ended his Olympic dreams after coming down awkwardly on his ankle, resulting in a sprain. The ankle was so badly sprained that he was reportedly taken from the Olympic boxing arena by wheelchair late on Friday.

The celebration injury was so bad that Walsh failed to show for a medical check prior to his scheduled semifinal match against Britain’s Pat McCormack. And just like that, Walsh’s Olympics were finished.

Never stop dreaming!” Walsh wrote Friday on Instagram after his victory over Clair. The only problem is that the dream was over after Glass Joe tore up his ankle.

Irish boxer injured ankle celebrating Olympic win
Aidan Walsh celebrates his win / NBC Olympics Channel

“What Aidan did this week is an incredible achievement,” Ireland’s Bernard Dunne told the Associated Press. “His performance throughout the tournament has been outstanding, and it is great to see him write his name in the annals of Irish sport.”

Walsh will reportedly still win a bronze medal due to his victory over Clair.

Now for some analysis…act like you’ve been there before, Aidan! This isn’t for gold. This is for at worst bronze, but you didn’t work your ass off for bronze. This is just another step on the way to that magical gold medal.

So going forward, I’m advising Olympic trainers to straitjacket their fighters or force their boxers to take a knee while the decision is being read. Now, it won’t be some sort of #BLM protest while the boxer is on one knee. This is purely precautionary so these guys don’t blow out ankles. I bet Aidan’s coach is wishing he’d told his boxer to take a knee to prevent him jumping in the air like he’d just won gold. Or get on two knees.

Now poor Aidan has to go home to Belfast and tell his bronze medal story in pubs the rest of his life. Imagine the horror when his story ends with a badly sprained ankle after celebrating making it to the bronze medal.

Make it a double shot of Jameson for this guy.

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