Irish Anticipate Difficult Game With Navy

As anyone who directed a three-back offense via Bill Walsh College Football could tell you, the option can be fun as hell — unless you’re tasked with defending it. And that’s exactly what awaits No. 8 Notre Dame in tomorrow’s game with Navy.

The Midshipmen’s unconventional offense often gives opposing teams the type of headache Millenial kids associate with frozen Nintendo games (just blow on it!) and computer cheat codes.

Irish coach Brian Kelly must remember that headache well because he seems to have factored it into his game plan for this week.

“It’s a hard game, a difficult game. These games are never easy because you’re playing a style of football that goes contrary to what you’ve been teaching the last four months,” Kelly said during his weekly media availability.

Navy’s offensive style is a rarity, a system that was common in the ’90s — which is ten years before most ND players were born. Think more SEGA than XBOX.

“It’s a challenge for the coaches and players to prepare themselves,” continued Kelly. “You’re preparing against great competitors. They know their strengths and weaknesses and they play to that.”

Though Navy is just 2-6 overall, they’re playing better than their record would indicate. A week after going toe-to-toe with No. 2 Cincinnati, the Midshipmen went on the road to beat Tulsa last week, giving the service academy some momentum.

“They’re playing really well lately, not giving up points and keeping the ball in front, playing a style of defense that complements their offense,” said Kelly.

ND’s going to have to press all the right buttons to rescue the princess and exit the game with win. And unfortunately for the Irish, if their luck starts to run out, they won’t have the option of hitting the reset button.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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