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Was UCLA even that good, or did Michigan choke away a Final Four?

I’ll go with a choke job. I know, they’re just unpaid kids playing a game, but it’s big boy college basketball and we can cut to the chase around here — choke job. This is one that will haunt the members of this Michigan team for the rest of their lives. Is that an overreaction? Not at all. Think of the former high school football players out there who can’t stop thinking about their senior seasons when they got knocked out in the first round of the state tournament and what could’ve been.

Michigan scored a season-low 49 points. Michigan was 54% from the free throw line. 14 turnovers. And I couldn’t have been happier to see it, especially after Michigan fans rode my ass after Ohio State lost to one of God’s favorite teams, Oral Roberts. Nothing makes me happier than woke tool Jalen Rose taking that L. Nothing makes me happier than Curt in Novi going to work at the factory today all miserable over his basketball school losing after not scoring a field goal over the final 5:22 of the game.

Now it’s going to be a great summer. Michigan fans go back to shutting up about sports. The weather is looking up and the sun is extra bright this morning here in Ohio.

• UCLA better hope it can shoot better than 39% if the Bruins want to prevent being smoked by 25 by Gonzaga. Every possession in UCLA-Michigan felt like a miserable struggle. The passing was brutal. As for the USC-Zags game, it was like the Harlem Globetrotters out there. It wasn’t even a crisp game from the Zags and they won by 19. Hahahahahaha. Mick Cronin’s old man will have to pull off some Sister Jean miracle to prevent this one from getting extremely ugly.

• Did you realize Opening Day is Thursday? No organization does less to promote its product than baseball. Imagine for a second that Dana White ran Major League Baseball. His ass would be popping up on baseball nerd podcasts, Pat McAfee’s show, OutKick 360, etc. for weeks leading up to the season kickoff. I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw Rob Manfred. The MLB nerds will say everything is fine. Yeah, OK, I don’t believe you.

• We’re a day away from Opening Day and Indians fans are trying to figure out how to watch their team. I’ve said it and I’ll stand by it: the Indians will eventually move to Nashville. Everything is lining up.

• Marlins Park will now be called loanDepot Park. Yes, a lowercase ‘L.’ First they took away the Clevelander bar and pool out in left field. Then the fish tank was removed this year and now the park has a D-list name. Yeah, baseball’s all good. Trust the baseball nerds.

• And finally, do you still use Facebook? There’s big news this week from the FB gods. They’ll supposedly walk back how much the algorithm will control your newsfeed. Good luck out there.

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  1. Have you seen Rob Manfred on TV…even when he’s on TV he’s invisible. He makes Adam Silveratu look like Borat.
    How ’bout get a “Game Day” bus, find a retired Coach Corso type, a retired Sir Charles type, a comedian who loves baseball, and a retired play-by-play guy to ride shotgun and roll that sucker out and around the country promoting the new season.
    Guys with personalities. Anybody remember a “personality” in baseball…used to be one in every ball park ’til the Karens and the woke crowd showed up.
    I have two suggestions for starters:
    Mr. Baseball-Bob Uecker (“Career highlights? I had two. I got an intentional walk from Sandy Koufax and I got out of a rundown against the Mets.”)
    The Big Hurt-Frank Thomas (as much as we love Doug Flutie, he can’t come along)

    • Take at least a month to get that show on the road if The Amazing Manfredo (maybe The Amazing Fredo?) gets moving. Everybody will be warmed up and loosey-goosey by then.
      Course, if it’s gonna be a BLM road trip, then flush the whole idea.

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