iPhone Finally Upgrades Home Screen with New iOS 14

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Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference Monday announcing updates to its iOS, PadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS products. While tech nerds are focused on the rumors of a new processor for Macs, the average person is interested in the changes coming to their iPhones. iOS 14 is the most drastic update yet.

Finally, iPhone users can add convenient widgets to their home screens. Home screen customizable widgets have been an appealing selling point for Google’s Android, iOS’s main rival, since the battle of smartphones took off.

Widgets will be available for most of Apple’s primary apps: Apple TV, Apple Podcasts, Apple Music, Maps, Stocks, and Calendar.

In addition, App Library is coming to iOS home screens. The innovative look automatically groups your apps into specific categories such as Social, Entertainment, and Recently Added. This is a substantial upgrade to the convoluted folder feature that allows you to add several apps into a square box that is the same size as the rest of your apps.

Apple is changing up Siri, in addition. The voice demand feature won’t take up your whole screen anymore and can send both audio and dictated messages. Siri will now attempt to compete with Google Translate with a built-in feature that translates your text and audio into 11 different languages.

I’m less bullish on the Picture-in-Picture feature the iPhone is adopting from the iPad. The iOS screen is too small and busy for this feature to work.

Not bad, not bad. I switched to an iPhone last summer and have regretted it. These new features will soften the blow — some.

Written by Bobby Burack

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