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I hate COVID, but I love Tuesday NFL this time of year

I was sitting in the basement project last night, getting ready for the furniture arrival this upcoming weekend, and it felt like the weekend. Cowboys-Ravens on one TV. College basketball on the other. The phone going off with texts about Ohio State-Michigan. Social media lit up with sports. Tuesdays are now starting to feel like Saturdays. A year from now, COVID will be long gone and the NFL will go back to its normal scheduling, but the league should start to consider Tuesday Night Football.

I’d even go for the Tuesday Night Football from London or wherever the Jags plan on playing down the road. Mid-afternoon Tuesday NFL live from Wembley sounds fine with me: the London Jags vs. the Paris Snowflakes. When it comes along in 2030, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

• I’m thinking about my parents down in Florida during these difficult times. My mother lives in Largo, and the temps this morning were going to be a brutal 35 or so. Dad is further south at Marco Island, really suffering with morning temps in the mid-40s. $100 says I get multiple texts about the weather today.

• College bowls keep being cut. Bowl season is down to 33 games.

• Which Big Ten game will be canceled today? I have zero information to go on, but I’ll say Illinois-Northwestern gets axed. You haven’t heard much COVID news out of these two. It’s time for them to get in the mix.

• And finally this morning, Russia has bad news for the people they’re forcing to get the COVID vaccine: no drinking for two months. How’s that going to work?

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