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What a busy morning…the Woke All-Star Challenge bracket is out!

I knew March was going to be a beast of a month and here we are right in the thick of it on this Tuesday morning. I’ve been juggling Screencaps and publishing the incredibly important 3rd annual 2023 Woke All-Star Challenge. Go vote — here!

Today we vote only on the play-in round matchups. That’s right, our tournament, just like the NCAA tourney, forces wokes into a play-in scenario to see which wokes will face the STACKED No. 1 seeds. Talk about pressure, the Woke committee felt immense pressure when committee members suggested we open up the tournament to NBA coaches Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich, kings of the NBA woke community.

Then, in a shocking twist, the committee made Kerr a No. 1 seed and sent Popovich to the play-in round to see just how woke he is. But wait, there’s more! We’re talking about a blockbuster Sweet 16 match-up in the Toxic Masculinity Region where Kerr and Pop could face-off in a battle of the woke kings.

Get in there and vote. I busted my ass on graphics to make sure this went off without a hitch and your ass better be clicking on that link because that’s how I keep my job around here.

Next up: Let’s get to the post that is showing signs of turning into a powder keg. I’m talking about the post on the father who cut off his daughter’s car payments because she took a stripping job in college.

This one is gaining steam and I want the community to help answer this question: Is this dad an ‘Asshole’ for cutting off his daughter’s car payments? Get caught up on the scenario and let me know.

I argue that dad IS AN ASSHOLE, but he’s a necessary asshole. Because I’m completely fair and balanced, I want you guys to decide how you’d handle this situation.

• Tommy W. writes:

Parents are supposed to be the moral center of a family.  If they can’t Defund Strippers, as it is their money, and the daughter complains “she’s an adult” then you get to pay your own bills, “adult”. Adults don’t make Daddy pay their bills. Adults pay their own shit, or adjust their lifestyle accordingly. It’s not up to your parents to subsidize your sex/drug life.

• Friend of Screencaps, Diesel in SW Michigan, who has raised two sons and a daughter and is barely 50, writes:

Well…imho….no. If she is making her own money she should be supporting herself. My daughter went out when she was 17 and bought a brand new car on her own with her own money and has not taken a dime from us to pay for gas, insurance or her car payment. Then again we raised a Lawyer not a Stripper lol

Deep Screencaps Thoughts

• Jason E. writes:

Thought of the day: The Oscars prove that most meetings can be accomplished via an email.


By the way, did you guys see Mindy Kaling at the Oscars? You know, she’s Kelly Kapoor from The Office. She’s now thinned out and social media is going nuts saying she’s responsible for the Ozempic shortage and that’s how she lost weight.

Mindy Kaling attends the 95th Annual Academy Awards on March 12, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

They came after your gas mower, gas stove and now it sounds like washing machines are next

• Harvey D. writes:

For the love of Downey scent beads!! These ass hats are absofuckinglutely bat shit thrice divorced rebound hook up crazy!! WASHING MACHINES!!?? I realize that everything that a political hack has (with exception of the “I know what it means to get dirty” rolled up sleeve flannel shirt they don during election season) is dry clean only, but to dial back the cleaning power of my Whirlpool with the extra heavy, super size load, deep clean with double rinse! Shits gone too Damn far!!!

I work in the trades and the last damn thing I want is Tom, Bob, Harry, or Mary for that matter working around me with only half the stank washed out of the work duds!!!!!! Hazardous working conditions will abound more than they do on Wet Fart Wednesdays after Taco Tuesday!!!! STAND AND FIGHT AMERICA!!!! THEY CAN PRY MY WASHING MACHINE FROM MY COLD DEAD APRIL FRESH HANDS!!!!! Now if you will excuse me I have a lopsided spin cycle to split with the wife!


Whirlpool says each cycle will “take longer, the detergent will cost more, and in the end, the clothes will be less clean,” because of these washing machine regulations.

Now, I want you to stop and read what Biden’s Department of Energy says about this washing machine regulation:

“This proposal builds on the more than 110 actions the Biden-Harris administration took in 2022 to strengthen energy efficiency standards and save the average family at least $100 annually through lower energy bills.”

Save $100? LOLOLOLOLOL…..LoL.

Are you kidding me? Now ask yourself how fast $100 can be spent in this economy. This is what these people are bragging about to a declining middle class who are getting their asses kicked on a routine basis. Then the middle class gets to a point where it needs to beg for relief and then Big Daddy Government says they’re on the way to save the day.

Here’s what I want you to do when the bots start contacting you this week

Let’s ask the bots, “What’s the most pain you’ve experienced that wasn’t physical?”

Then eventually tell the bot your most painful sports memory like when MY Toledo Rockets once again failed to make the NCAA Tournament for the 43rd straight year when they had one of the best teams in school history.

I want to see how a bot reacts.

Mike T. is getting absolutely LIT in Austria

After doing my own traveling, I need to get caught up on Mike T. & Cindy T.’s adventure while on the run from Interpol. After a quick scan of the emails — Mike is huge on sending emails…it’s not hard to tell why he was successful in business — it looks like these two have settled in Austria for beers.

Here’s the first round at Stiegl in Salzburg, Austria:

And the second!

Here are the Ts in action at Hofbrauhaus Munich. Save the emails. Cindy T. has Mike T. walking 20k steps a day in Europe. Worry about your own health.

That’s it, I have to roll. The woke bracket haters are already on my case about the committee’s seeding and I have to tell these haters to go make their own woke brackets.

What a life it is serving on seeding committees. You’re hated no matter what.

Anyway, go have yourself a big day. Remember, there are NCAA Tournament games in Dayton staring TONIGHT! Figure out where TruTV is at on your cable system or smart TV.

Take care.


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