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Would one of you economists tell me where we’re headed here?

I was with my wife at a car dealership in suburban Cleveland Saturday afternoon and it felt like we’d walked into Grand Central Station during rush hour. If the Feds had intentions of raising rates to stop consumers from hitching a ride to the debt highway, it’s not working. Or these people have tons of cash laying around ready to spend on cars.

Salesmen were running around doing their best to manage two customers at a time. They’d send out one couple to test drive and turn their attention to another potential buyer. It was so crazy at this particular dealership that the car we were there to drive was just returning from a test drive and our salesman told us that those people were seriously considering buying the Honda. Then, as we were about to test drive a comparable Honda, we were told the first one had sold.

Then, no it hadn’t. “My coworker is an idiot,” our sales guy said.

So we went out and drove another Honda. We were being the smart consumers. Make sure we were making the right decision. Take time to talk this through.

Upon returning, we’d decided to buy the first Honda.

Sales guy looks at me and says, “I have bad news, it’s sold.” The first couple took it. Game over.

Meanwhile, there were 30 other people (not all Boomers blowing through their 401ks & company pensions) in that shop looking and buying. Customers were in and out of the finance guy’s office. It was a circus. I’m talking non-stop action for the hour-plus we were there.

With our tails between our legs, we returned home still on the hunt for a car and the feeling that Fed chairman Jerome Powell has his work cut out for him as America shows zero sign of slowing its spending — on crippling interest rates.

In Monday’s Washington Post, the editorial board ran an opinion piece titled, “The Powell Federal Reserve hasn’t won the inflation fight yet.”

You don’t say?

Recently Retired Bob who went to check out Antarctica is back in the States

• Bob returned home and had his heart ripped out:

Our great southern adventure is in the books.  We arrived home last night just before the Bengals/Chiefs kick-off, tired from the 20+ hour return flights, but hopeful for a Bengals victory.  Lots to be said about the game, but if you have the ball on your own 35 and a minute on the clock, you have to get it done if you want to be champions.  Maybe next year.

As much as I love the exploring new destinations, it’s always good to get back home to the US.  There is so much to learn and experience abroad, but with all of our challenges, I would never want to live and raise a family anywhere else.  Also, once again, Mother Nature remains undefeated.  From the beauty of Patagonia to the ruggedness of the Antarctic to seeing penguins and Tonina dolphins up close, we were constantly in awe.  It was truly a memorable adventure.  Retirement rocks!

Like, it was just laying there and it wasn’t some sort of crime scene?

Guys, clearly I don’t want to dive into this story, but I’m a blogger and that’s what we do for a living.

What is Lib Lib Judd F.’s ulterior motive here as he tries to infiltrate the Screencaps community?

• John H., who has a big job title I’m not at liberty to discuss, writes:

A short note to point out that Judd is trying to infiltrate the community as a sleeper for the other side. 

In his original email, he wanted the SC community to alter their behavior to suit him, did you catch it, that how it always starts, if we bow to that request there will be more

Requests for behavior modification,    I submit that to be here one must assimilate.

• John L. has questions for Lib Lib Judd F. in Ohio:

  1. Would you send your kid to drag queen story hour?
  2. Should schools promote equal outcomes for all students, to the point of withholding National Merit Scholarship recognition?
  3. What do you think of Hildeee’s belly button?


Great questions for Judd. Keep ’em coming.

And have no fear, Judd F. isn’t changing a thing around here. Frankly, I don’t even know what Judd considers his No. 1 lib lib stance. He claims to have a gas-powered mower and automobile, so I have no idea how he can look himself in the mirror and not turn in his lib card.

• Rick G. from out in the Cleveland area answers the questions that Lib Lib Judd F. refused to answer from Monday Screencaps:

Answers to your 1/30/23 questions. Best regards.

1.     Did you have a problem with Lia Thomas beating biological women out of a title and glory they’re worked for their entire lives?

Yes, he is a man pure and simple. The worst part of the Lia Thomas scenario is how they silenced the female swimmers from voicing their opinions about how they were being affected. So much for free speech as the left and their Useful Idiots have shown us what they believe in – once their ‘team’ is in power they believe that power should be used to destroy any dissenters to their dogma.

Within two years we have gone to arguing about men in women’s sports to having children exposed to drag queen hour, utilizing Big Pharma to chemically alter children and Big Healthcare doing surgeries to destroy children’s bodies.

If they have been able to have support in some circles for the above, what is next?

2.     Did you have a problem with a biological male dominating women’s disc golf?

You missed it by one letter in ‘disc’. Apparently in today’s world women have one of those also. I don’t judge others by the size of their throw so have at it boys.

I am looking forward to the day when the WNBA has bearded ladies doing windmill dunks. Now that will be worth the price of admission and must see television and may save the NBA millions in subsidizing a league that is as ratings challenged as CNNLOL.

3.     Do you think police forces should be defunded?

Defunded is a catchphrase for ‘moving the money to our political friends’. If they defund police funds then NOBODY gets the money. The budget is that much less and all other departments and service lines have the same budget. You want defunding, then the taxpayers get a refund.

The goal with defunding the police is to funnel money to their political operatives (see Planned Infanticide er Parenthood supporting the DNC and Lord Obama kicking money to Solyndra to the tune of $535 million and then they went bankrupt (things that make you go hmm)) so they can fund their political operatives and campaigns. This was all done before Sam Bankman-Fraud’s money laundering scheme and his growing large breasts.

4.     Do you think the economy is in a good spot when 67% of working Americans can’t cover a $400 emergency expense?

Chairman Xoe Biden tells us the economy is doing well so we should believe him based on him saying he beat up Cornpop, liked it when kids rubbed his legs and he knew nothing about Hunter’s business dealings of which he got a 10% taste of all incoming revenue.

In all seriousness, the Fed is looking at raising rates, inflation is still high with energy prices rising and companies laying off thousands of workers. The other statistics not spoken about in Corporate Media aka the DNC’s Baghdad Bobs is the Labor Force Participation Rate and over 7 million men between the ages of 25 and 54 are not working or actively looking for work.

The economy is at a tipping point and with Saudi Arabia looking at moving away from petrol dollars we most likely are moving towards an economy reminiscent of Jimmy Carter’s malaise speech.

5.     Is Gavin Newsom doing a good job?

Yes, as he continues to make California great for the top two percent of all residents as he gears up for a run as the DNC’s candidate in 2024 or 2028. He is making sure the Drug Cartels other line of revenue-human trafficking-has another record breaking year as they diversify their corporate structure as the illegal drug trade is not growing as fast as moving illegal immigrants across a secure border “the border is secure per Alejandro Mayorkas”.

His embracing of clean energy causing rolling blackouts and expensive utility bills give us a glimpse of third-world living. He is doing such a great job that those fleeing the soon to be non-Golden State will be taxed for leaving.

• Michael L. has a message for Judd F.

I’m sure the two guys that announced they are liberals are nice enough guys but it’s a bit of a douche move to say it.  Even worse to ask you to tone down your criticism of liberals.  Clay started Outkick for us to have fun and enjoy sports without the lib lib bull shit from MSESPN. 

What makes Screencaps great is we’re a bunch a regular dudes and ladies here to have fun, laugh, and read unexpected topics that end up making you think.  When a guy gets his balls busted for a dumb email or spelling Ayn Rand wrong, he doesn’t whine. 

He laughs because he has a sense of humor and may even return fire but it’s all in fun.  Indy Daryl didn’t cry about the ballbusting he received.  He thanked SC nation and made the correction.  All of that so say, don’t be a whiny lib, have fun, and enjoy this song.  

The Ts in Florence, Italy

Mike T. went right to the meat counter because he knows what gets the juices flowing amongst the Screencaps community. Look at that tomahawk, Judd F.!

Couple of items and praise for Indy Daryl’s book list

• Geoff R., who has been sending emails for years, writes:

1. Bourbon tour – absolutely in and wife would likely attend as well – short trip from Knoxville to Louisville (we made it many times while our daughter was playing travel volleyball….); don’t recommend any time around Derby week tho – nearly impossible to get in or get hotels – maybe your tour operator can make this happen tho; also love the idea of a TN whiskey trail tour!

2. Lib Libs – they are welcome to read/particpate but should keep their political views to themselves and be prepared for regular verbal assaults – it is the SCs way!

3. Funny you published the Excel sheet on books – I took the same approach with the gun suggestions you gathered for me – I have saved it up and referring to it regularly while I do the recommended research from SCs readers – will report back as I finalize decisions.

Texas City, Texas

• Tim writes:

Reading Steve’s “best business decision I ever made’ e-mail and finding myself curious if he’s from Texas City?  He described the place he began his career as ” a smallish blue-collar refinery town right near Galveston, Tx” and that’s exactly how I describe Texas City to folks not from around here…”It’s right by Galveston”.

P&L guys

• Warren M. in South Florida writes:

I went back through some of the excellent Best Business Decisions (thanks for publishing mine!), and Chris B. wrote something very intriguing, and I was wondering if he wouldn’t mind elaborating more on this part:

Always stay attached to a P&L, because they’re the last ones to be laid off.”

What departments would those people be in? Positions? I’ve worked for small companies the last 20+ years, so P&L was always the owner.  I hope you don’t mind me asking.

There you go. The final Tuesday of January is in the books. The sun is shining. It’s not supposed to rain or snow for the next ten days. The weather guy uttered 50 in the forecast for next week leading up to the Super Bowl and it appears we’ll have just 2-3 weeks of real winter remaining before the March rain and wind.

BTW, I hear Marco Island is experiencing record highs this week. Prayers to all of you retirees suffering through that nonsense. Hang in there.

Take care. Have a great day and go be productive.


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