Instagram Superstar Emily Elizabeth Finishes 2022 Strong, Colts Fan Reads A Book & Brandon Staley’s Thrusts For The Ladies

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Readers are now suggesting Screencaps 2023 resolutions

• Mark in Nebraska writes:

Your new years resolution is: brightemily at least once a week!!!!

Battery Daddy…killer gift for my adult boys (and myself)

Best column in the world…love it

Repeat: brightemily at least once a week!


Mark, I will do my best, but you have to remember that some of these IG models don’t maintain a weekly IG presence. That means you might have to deal with some TikTok screenshots. Now, I know how all of you feel about Communist China and its spying app. I would consider dabbling in Tok screenshots to bring you Bright Em content on a weekly basis, if that’s OK.

But I need committee approval to proceed. I don’t want to trigger a million “TikTok is going to steal your identity for the communists” emails. Guys, the Chinese already know everything about me. I’ve spent 15 years (I forgot my anniversary in November) working on the Internet.

Anyway, let me know if this plan works for all of you.

Bright Emily / TikTok

I won my first Korn Ferry tournament on PGA Tour 2k23

Thank you to those who sent in their Playstation usernames. I’ll be contacting you soon about creating a match. Right now, I’m still trying to get used to the remote and the greens. Last night, I moved up to ‘Normal’ mode and I went from winning a Korn Ferry tournament at 7-under to barely shooting even par on a Ferry stop.

My username is: MrScreencaps

Look me up, but don’t expect me to be on there very often. I’m fourth on the video game totem pole around here.

I’m no longer allowed to show interest in the Lions breaking through the darkness

• Brian A. wrote in to tell me, “Your Lions love needs to stop.”

Please stop with the Lions love. I know you might feel a draw as the Lion and Bengal are from the same Panthera biological family. I understand your primordial instincts may have caused you to use poor judgement as they are practically brothers in the biology world. But…

You have no idea what it’s like to be a Lions fan. Don’t even give me “but the Bengals were bad for so long” crap. In my lifetime (over 40 years), the Bengals have been to three Super Bowls, and have won eight playoff games. Meanwhile, my Lions have won ONE playoff game. ONE. Just ONE!!!!

And being a Detroit fan I’ve seen all the teams win (was in person for the Wings raising the Cup in 2002), but the Lions have always just sucked. And I get destroyed online by Lions fans who tell be to be patient….WTF???? ZERO playoff wins in the last 30 years, but I need to be patient? They are either delusional, or friends and family of players/staff. There is no sane Lions fan that thinks we need to be patient. 

The Lions may be the worst franchise in history. They have had the current top RB and WR at the time retire before they were done (Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson) because they didn’t want to play for the franchise anymore. They were still capable of playing a few more years but said “nah, F this” and walked out. And left the franchise on bad terms. And then last year, they traded their QB (Stafford), who won a Super Bowl in year 1 with a new team. It is the worst ownership in the history of sports. It’s the Ford family. And I don’t care if they change who’s in charge, they are all Ford family and the team is just a hobby to them. But I’ll keep watching because that’s what happens when you’re born into it.

And…plot twist…my daughter (17) got a Joe Burrow jersey for Christmas from a family member. I didn’t fight it. I can’t keep supporting her being a Lions fan anymore. I just had to let go…


That’s a harsh email to read considering I live so close to SE Michigan and hang out with Lions fans who’ve had to suffer their entire lives and I’m actually supportive of the Lions because I live in the TV market and have to see the games so much.

Here I tried to have a soft spot for the Lions and Brian A. cuts me off.

I even own a Silverdome seat and a Silverdome press box wall sign that I bought one day when I sorta snuck into the dome as they were preparing to tear it down. It wasn’t a trespassing situation. I did ask a construction guy if I could take a look around.

But now it’s all over, I guess.


• John L. writes:

Did you notice that in her series of 10 IG photos today, not a single belly button shot???


Oh, I noticed. I have to be on top of this stuff because the readers demand such details out of this column.

Here come the Greatest Bands of All-Time Lists

• Kevin W. in Lacey, Washington writes:

Okay, it’s on.  This is THE List

      1 – AC/DC

      2 – Led Zeppelin

      3 – Lynyrd Skynyrd

      4 – Grand Funk Railroad

      5 – Tie – The Beatles / The Eagles

Speaking of The Eagles

• Heywood J. writes:

An epic rock n roll + NFL anecdote

Battery Daddy denial

• Homebrew Bill in Nebraska writes:

Merry Christmas! I didn’t get a Battery Daddy so I might just have to buy one on my own. The weather was just good enough for me to do this beef tri-tip on the smoker for Christmas day. I cooked it to medium to my wife’s liking. And I get leftovers for a few days. 

Look at this beauty

• Mike T. once again delivers during his six-month European vacation:

Was walking this morning and saw this beauty, I’m reading it’s been around a few years, first one I’ve seen. 125cc so I’m sure some punch! Reminds me of my 1960s Honda mini trail !

Someone needs to explain what happened to Southwest Airlines

I know we have commercial pilots amongst the Screencaps readership, so it would be a huge help for one of you to put the airline debacle into terms I and fellow Screencaps readers can understand. Is this all from weather issues?

It sounds brutal out there right now. Even my cherished Delta is caught up in the madness.

Good luck to those of you traveling this week or still trying to get home. Between keeping the electric on and making sure flights get to destinations, it’s a rough time right now for this country. Don’t worry, Big Daddy Government will get this all figured out. They always get in there and straighten out disasters.

For those of you who are comfortably home and have the day off, there are FOUR bowl games today with the Camellia Bowl (Georgia Southern-Buffalo) kicking off at noon ET. Wisconsin-Oklahoma State kicks at 10:15 tonight on ESPN. Needless to say, it’s a full day.

Have a great day and stick around OutKick. The staff is back to work.


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