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How to make the most out of Monday at The Masters

Tuesday, Jacob B. dropped the humblebrag on the community that he landed Monday practice round tickets via his buddy. Being a Masters rookie, Jacob B. was looking for advice from the savvy veterans who’ve made attending the most prestigious golf tournament in the world part of their routine.

So I asked the community very specific questions for Jacob to help him schedule his one big day at Augusta National.

• ‘Bones’ B. writes:

I grew up outside Atlanta and have been to ANGC for the tournament many times.  The first as a 15 year old, where I was lucky enough to work the leaderboard at Amen Corner.  At that point in my life, I had no idea how lucky I was.  I had never even hit a golf ball before going.  It was, even for a callow fool like me, amazing.

Since that first time, I’ve been so many times I’ve lost count. Yet, I still get the same butterflies when I walk on the property as i did the first time.  It’s a cathedral.

  1. Name the spots that are must-have photos – He’ll figure it out.  Take pics everywhere.
  2. Is there a specific spot he should stand in for an iconic Masters practice round viewing moment?  My favorite place to watch is from behind the green on 7.  It’s the high point on the course and you can see tons of shots from there.  You can see 2 green, 3 tee, 8 tee, 7, 17 fairway and green.  You’re also a very short walk to 15 and Amen corner beyond that.  I recommend going straight there when the gates open, place your chairs (nobody will touch them) and then walk the golf course.  Climb up to the clubhouse and start at 1.  Walk the whole thing.  You’ll be shocked at the rolling fairways.  There are few level lies, something which surprises everyone who has only seen it on TV.  After walking the place, settle back in on 7 and have a great time.  Also, walk down to 16 and watch players skip balls off the pond.  it’s a great, fun tradition and you get to see these guys show some personality.
  3. Is there a collectible he should be focused on? Will he be arrested if he takes a pill bottle and fills it with Augusta National grass clippings?  Not sure about collectible, but buy a shirt.  A simple shirt.  Don’t buy the one with the crazy stripes that will be out of fashion in a year.  Buy one you can wear for 20 years.  If you have boys, buy them a Masters hat.  Not sure why, but there’s a run on the bucket hats early in the week.  Teenagers love those, I think.  As far as grass clippings, pine cones, etc., just resist the urge.  You’ll look like a clown.  As Eddie Robinson said, act like you’ve been there before.
  4. Should he stop by Hooters on Monday to see John Daly or is that an overrated experience? Overrated.  Spend your time on the golf course.  See Big John after the sun goes down.

• Bob K. writes:

This is from 2010 – when Tiger returned to golf after the blowup with his wife. I was lucky enough to get tickets for Wednesday and Thursday. My then 11-year old son was obsessed with getting memorabilia – in particular, he wanted Tiger’s ball after Thursday’s round.

Tiger was in the second-to-last group and I had to break it to my boy that he was not going to be able to get Tiger’s ball. As he was standing up to walk to the back of the 18th green, he told me, “Tiger is trying to improve his image, maybe today he’ll give a little kid his ball.”

Well, watch the video to see if he was right!

• Masters veteran and Georgia resident Duncan N. is back with his advice for the rookies:

The first thing I tell anyone going to the masters for the first time is too walk the course and look at every hole because it’s so much different in person. You can’t believe the slopes on the greens, like on 5 and 14. Walk down 10 and look at the hill, it’s so steep you could ski down it. And stand behind 18 tee and see how small the gap is between the trees. Then imagine standing on that tee late Sunday tied for the lead. We wouldn’t sniff the fairway! It will give you a different perspective when you see every hole in person.

• Brad M. knows Augusta National:

1) It’s the most photographed golf course, possibly the most photographed piece of real estate in the world with the exception of a Disney park castle. The odds of getting that ideal shot are long, especially with tens of thousands of patrons on the course along with you. Leave that to the professional photographers and drones.

That said, the tee view from #1 and especially #10 and around #10 looking back up the steep hill. Maybe the view from #4 green looking back at the tee. The view from #6 tee. The view from #12 tee. A close-in view of #13 green complex.

But again, the beauty shots can be obtained elsewhere or even purchased in frames. Take selfies. Take candid photos of the players or famous people you encounter. The Magnolia Lane oval outside the clubhouse with the map-logo flower beds and the green (not yellow) flag is probably selfie spot 1A – as the long line of persons waiting patiently will attest. Each person in line takes the photo for the person in front of them. Which is nice.

2) The advantage of practice round attendance is, quite simply, freedom of movement and sightlines when standing outside the ropes. Competition days are marked by crotchety veterans arriving early and walking (never running) briskly to chair seating areas and grandstands throughout the course where they remain planted like loblolly pines. Practice rounds involve far less ‘camping’ and because the course is the star of the show you’ll want to see as much of it as possible. At the risk of repetition, the whole bloody course is iconic. So walk around at will – there will always be something worth seeing.

3) Anything you can think of that might have a logo attached to it is available at the shops. At The Masters, collectible is in the eye of the beholder and the credit card issuer. And speaking of the shops, the one behind #5 green/#6 tee has the same inventory and shorter lines or no lines at all compared to the one inside the front gates which is usually mobbed.

He might be able to get away with taking a few grass clippings but, on the other hand, he might have trouble finding any. The place is that well manicured. All joking aside, people have been reprimanded for taking pine cones or even a scoop of the sugary white sand. And a ‘reprimand’ at Augusta National means expensive badge forfeited and escorted off the property. Make the gift shop your only source of souvenirs.

4) If you’re a John Daly fan then meeting him probably isn’t overrated but the bars and restaurants along Washington Road (which is 20th century American strip mall tacky unlike ANGC) probably are. Still, they do their best with the crowds and you may encounter one or more of the players at places like TBonz. Daly may not arrive until the tournament starts, by the way.

Experienced visitor secret: there are more restaurants along Washington Road west of I-20 (away from the course) including the very funky and very excellent El Rey.

Downtown Augusta itself shouldn’t be ignored even though most visitors never see it. It is a charming area. Much of Broad Street looks like a time warp or a film set and there are many non-chain restaurants & pubs.

5) Unsolicited bonus advice: get there early on practice days. Many players play early in order to get some relative peace and quiet. Many play only nine holes (Tiger is/was infamous for this even before his accident). Many want to finish early and move on to the practice range, to work out or to get treatment or to deal with friends & family coming into town. But again even if players are sparse on the course there is still plenty to see and/or photograph.

• John R. writes:

My brother was turning forty a few years ago and his wife got “him” a gift…two tickets to Monday practice round at Augusta National.  The only stipulation was he had to take me as well.  Sister-in-law came in clutch in this situation.

We live about six hours away, so we chose to drive up on Sunday afternoon to make sure we had a full day at the course.  Honestly barely heard the sermon that morning at church.  Uneventful ride up and checked into a hotel about half hour from the gate.  Noticed the parking lot wasn’t too full and thought maybe there won’t be a big crowd the next day.  

We wake up Monday morning, shower and go down to breakfast buffet (pro tip don’t skip breakfast…trust me you will need the fuel).  And upon entering the lobby of the hotel a sea of humanity hit me…which would be a recurring theme for the day.  We ate standing up scrounging for morsels.  The parking lot was full to the street of car tags from all locations near and far.  

The drive in is organized chaos complete with dedicated lanes and radio stations with just continuous traffic updates.  Parking was easy but the attendants will remind you in you have an SUV to get what you need out when you leave as they will have the next row about six inches from your bumper.  Monday is a great day to be at the tournament.  The players are loose and friendly, you can see the course fresh and not beat up.  And unless things have changed you can bring in a camera take lots of pictures but big NO to a cell phone.  Guy in front of us at the gate didn’t listen to parking lot attendants and had to make the walk of shame.  Once in the gate you were given a patron’s guide.  Take multiple of these if you can.  They make great free souvenirs.  

If you thought, they were detailed in getting to the course., you ain’t seen nothing yet.  Everything is thought out.  Hell, they even have multiple bathroom traffic directors both inside and outside of the building to ensure proper continuous movement of humanity.  You walk past a driving range that in in better shape than any actual course I have ever played.  Then past the clubhouse to course.  TV doesn’t do justice to sight which you will behold.  Pastel colors of spring provide highlights against Georgia green hills.  And hills they are…cameras don’t show nearly enough how much elevation change the site has.  There isn’t a flat spot on the place.  That being said shoes, shoes, shoes.  Get some good ones and walk some before you get there if you want to see the entire place.  

I do suggest walking as much of the course as you can.  It’s a practice round so take it all in. Follow a group for a couple of holes.  Sit at Amen Corner. Get in the stands at 16.  Get the sandwiches, try them all but don’t litter the course lest the attendants get on you.  Some did and they go so far as to have green wrappers on them least one does get blown away in the breeze.  Have several beers, the cups make great garage art and bragging rights on TNML.  Imagine sipping from one of those when you gather with the fellows after a cut.

Walk everywhere you can.  Go around by the Par 3 course and look at the cabins.  Side note I mentioned that one of the greens on the par 3 had a pinecone on it…half hour later walked past the green again and it was gone.  This is where the broadcast doesn’t take you.  Get a pic in front of the scoreboard.  Go stand in line for a picture in front of the clubhouse…that is a well-oiled machine as with everything else.  Toward the end of your day go to souvenir shop.  Prepare to shop like never before.  Just point and say a number of a shirt you want, get multiple shirts, long sleeve, short sleeve, sweaters, vests, get hats, visors, towels, tees, tools, get it all.  Spend more than you want to.  Who knows if you will ever get back.  If you have a buddy that golfs, just any little thing from there could mean a lot to them.  Also be aware if your dogfight group has knowledge of your trip, prepare to spend an extra thousand for them.           

The players are relaxed and surprisingly accessible.  As a hack golfer I really appreciated how well they strike the ball…even sounds so different.  Also, it was shocking how some of the guys are small in stature and hit the ball so far.  

I am from the deep south of the country.  Been to multiple SEC sporting events, been to NASCAR races, been to inaugurations lots of huge events. They all need to send their staff for the week to Augusta National Country Club for lessons on how to run an event.

In conclusion, DO IT ALL!!!  Spend the money, walk the track, get the souvenirs.  Be in the moment of being there appreciate it.  But don’t forget that it was more important who was there than where we were.  Spending time with my brother was better than any picture, any trinket, and will forever be my memory of a day strolling the Masters. 

• Carl P. in Grand Haven, MI, which is one of the best summer destinations I’ve visited in the last decade, writes:

Not sure how to define an Augusta National “vet”, but my wife and I were blessed to visit and watch a Tuesday practice round back in 1991.  Back then you could show up in the morning and buy practice round passes for $20.  Obviously, times have changed, but will never forget the experience and hope to get back.  My goal that day was to walk and see the entire course, but also see all the players at least once.  So, I decided to walk the course backwards, from 18 to 1. 

Got to see everything in all its glory, as well as watch Arnie, Jack, Gary, Ben, Tom, Seve, Nick, Lee, Fuzzy, etc. play through.  I took (non-digital) photos of them all, including Palmer and Nicklaus coming around Amen corner.  Also, suggest getting photos of the iconic scoreboards.  I was game to turn around and walk the course again, this time from 1 to 18, but my wife was done.  In retrospect, I would have found her a comfortable seat in the Georgia sun, bought her a cocktail and spent another glorious hour or two walking those hallowed grounds until they escorted me out. 

Been a devoted SC reader and TNML participant for almost a year now, and appreciate all you do for America.


Congratulations to all the rookies who are making their first pilgrimage this April to the holiest of golf lands. I hope that the thousands of words that have been sent in by Screencaps readers will make the visit a special moment in your lives.

Do me a favor and sneak in a pill bottle. Sit down on that beautiful grass and look for divot remnants that can be secured in the pill bottle and smuggled back to your man cave.

Just think of the bragging rights in your neighborhood when the fellas come over for beers and there you are with a small piece of the course.

Just don’t get caught!

Will there be a Screencaps March Madness Bracket Challenge?

• M.J.V. in Westfield, IN writes:

Good morning Joe. Just wanted to see if there has been any talk of a Screencaps group for March Madness? I’m sure you don’t want another thing on your plate, so if there’s interest, I would set up a group somewhere.

Also, while my crippling gambling addiction would want it to be for money, I would suppose that’s another can of worms not worth it for a community this size. But, we would need to play for something. My suggestion would be a shout-out by you in Screencaps, and maybe they get to suggest a topic for Screencaps for a week. I know you generally do that kind of thing anyway, but it would assure them of getting in (with your approval) so to speak.

Anyway, just a thought. Let me know if I can help in any way. Thanks for the community you have put together.


Is it possible to create a challenge on a gambling site where they serve as the bank?

Let’s get fired up around here!

Coach Dave is out here getting his turf ready for battle. Love this guy. Always upbeat. Always brings the energy. He’s a five-tool TNML guy. High motor. Wants it. Knows how to thank his sponsors. Treats the preseason with the respect it deserves.

This is what you want to see out of a TNML all-star.

Brandon C. is fired up and would like a word with the data engineer who’s upside down on car loans

In Tuesday’s Screencaps, I told you guys about the data engineer whose wife just had their fourth child and they needed a bigger vehicle to haul around the kids. The problem: the couple is all messed up with their auto loans and just got themselves into a loan on a $49,000 Ford Explorer.

• Normally reserved Brandon C. in Pinckney, MI hit his breaking point with the fools out there who’ve taken on bad loans:

Hey guess what 36 yr old “data engineer”… maybe don’t get yourself in overwater on your first two cars, dumbass. I swear be responsible. And oh yeah, so you need a three row car? OK, guess what here’s a number of new cars with three rows that have *max* MSRP’s under $40k (I’m not even going to go after him for even considering a *GASP* used car, or asking that he doesn’t pick out the premium features package):

Mazda CX-9 $48k

Kia Sorrento: $44k

Kia Sorrento Hybrid (if you’re concerned about your carbon emissions you jaggoff): $49k

Subaru Ascent: $46k

Nissan Pathfinder: $49k

Toyota Highlander: $36k

Volkswagon Tiguan: $37k

Dodge Durango: $39k

Mitsubishi Outlander: $39k

Kia Carnival: $46k

Honda Odyssey: $48k

Ford Transit Connect: $38k (BTW, I drive one of these with three kids– one who plays hockey– and a big ass dog. I paid $27k for a mid trim package about 2 years ago. You can get a kick ass one of these used for less than $30k with less than 40k miles on it)


I am sick and tired of dumbasses who live outside their means, continue to make horrible *personal* choices, compound their dumbassedness with more unsustainable financial decisions, and then come to everybody to bail their ass out. Doesn’t matter if it’s mortgages, school loans, or now car loans. As one of my favorite Detroit radio personalities used to say (Drew & Mike Uber Alles), “I’d like to announce my resignation from the human race”. 

• Steve B. is equally as frustrated:

You hit a nerve with your car loan forgiveness take, Joe.

I can afford a new Explorer but I drive a paid-for 1993 Toyota pick-up. I don’t look cool at stoplights in front of strangers, but I also don’t have $700 coming out of my checking account each month.

It reminds me of the kid from Minnesota who was interviewed by CNBC a few days ago. He was protesting out in front of the Supreme Court during the debate over student loan forgiveness.

According to the story, he owes $5,000, and the $175 monthly student loan bill has “stopped me from getting a vehicle, from moving out of my parents’ house, and helping my parents with the stress of their bills.”

“…it’ll be the difference between me being able to give my family food or [being] able to afford an electricity bill,”


The minimum wage in Minnesota is $10.59. He could make up the $175 with 4 more hours of work a week. Or 2 nights a month delivering pizza.  

I don’t know. If my family is starving, I may go ahead and pick up a shift at Micky D’s, instead of spending money to travel to Washington DC, dropping a lot on meals there, hotels, etc.,  all in hopes that five people I’ve never met make a ruling that says I don’t have to pay back the loan I signed up for.

As Dave Ramsey says, “If you’re waiting for the government to fix your life, you don’t have one.”

Modena, Italy market

• Mike T.’s newest market friends:

Mike T. also stopped by the local Maserati dealership to see if he could get a deal on a rental while he’s in Italy:

Here we go again with the Internet watching every move Screencaps makes

• Aaron H. sent over this headline that he saw on Tuesday:

And that’s it for today. I have a bunch of things going on including the construction of the 2023 Woke All-Star Challenge artwork. We have our contestants and a huge twist this year as the rules committee made a huge decision on the No. 1 seed line.

The full brackets will be released next week.

Have an incredible day.


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  1. Re: The Masters …. I’ve been 6-8 times. …. (1) Yes, walk the entire course 1-18 … (2) buy a white visor with the CORRECT logo … don’t buy any memorabilia off the course. That is all knock-offs … (3) buy a pimento cheese sandwich in the green wrapper … (4) don’t act like a rube … be cool. … (5) Any questions? Ask any volunteer marshall … they’ve all worked The Masters for 20+ years.
    That golf gal – Bre Terisi(sp) needs to stop skipping “leg day” at the gym. I mean really!!!

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