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The last one is leaving the nest & heading off to kindergarten — it’s -10000 that Mrs. Screencaps returns home in tears

My only regret this morning during our Facebook back-to-school photoshoot with the kids is that I didn’t create a “Don’t Blink” sign for the kids to hold. I went with my traditional signs: “They grow up so fast” and a new one titled “Thanks for saying it” as a tribute to all the Facebook moms who mark the change of seasons with these photoshoots.

Mrs. Screencaps has been on full tilt for two weeks. Between our car being smashed, meet-the-teacher nerves, a shoe emergency where the 4th grader grew out of his shoes, me having to do a radio hit before the Facebook photoshoot, and bus drama where the school is down 17 bus drivers and dropped our neighborhood before suddenly finding a driver, it’s been a whirlwind for my wife.

Let’s just say she’s in the middle of a major #Don’tBlink saga.

She doesn’t drink, but today might change things. I wouldn’t be surprised if she returns and demands a Mexican dinner and margaritas.

The only problem is that I’m fully committed to attending a sporting event tonight that has been on my radar for a long time.

It’s Nationa Tractor Pull weekend in Bowling Green, OH and we have a group of dads and kids fired up to see some pulling action at a Wood County Fairgrounds that I’m told will be loaded with Screencaps content.

I cannot wait to strap in and see some horsepower on a beautiful Friday night close to home.

It’s also Wren Wiffleball weekend in tiny Wren, OH

If you’re within two hours of tiny Wren, OH (pop. 150 or so) on the Indiana line in central Ohio, I promise you will enjoy this event where they build a Wiffleball ballpark in a village lot and hold a single-elimination tournament that’s full of high-energy.

Go see it.

My plan, which I haven’t run by Mrs. Screencaps is to get down there tomorrow before the rains come. I’m thinking about crushing hot dogs, a beer (yes, they serve Busch Light), and watching guys giving 110% for this event that more of America needs to know about.

Wear your TNML shirts and I’ll say hello.

Photo by: Joe Kinsey

Wait until OutKick developers Will Mac & Ryan F. hear this one

• Barry C. in Roanoke, VA writes

Love screencaps.  Just a great way to spend a few minutes decompressing for the day.

Please pass along the scoreboard on the new site is great.  Haven’t had to go to ESPN once since it was up.

Here come the housing price declines

Car insurance saga

The insurance adjuster decided to check her messages and I spent most of Thursday working through logistics on having our car door fixed. By the way, have any of you dealt with the auto body shop world this summer?

I called two shops and they’re booked solid until the middle of October. Something tells me this isn’t exclusive to NW Ohio.

Golf course music & people are playing music in public saunas?

• Dan Mac in Indiana writes:

Might be late to the game from a few days ago.  I’m all for music on the golf course – played at reasonable volumes.  Blasting tunes all over the course is way out-of-line.  There should be some enforceable rules and regulations around that. 

Other areas that can drive me nuts where inappropriately loud tunes are blasting…….At the gym, the clown walking around with a blue tooth speaker or blasting headphones so loud they should be going deaf.  At the pool, we don’t need to hear your tunes form the other end of the Olympic size pool.  In the neighborhood, parties ok not problem but blasting your metal almost every evening for the neighbors to hear has got to go. 

At the grocery store, c’mon let us shop in peace just turn it down.  Lastly, for me the most irritable – in the sauna, I don’t want to hear your crap music while I’m trying to relax and chill from the outside world.  GRRRRRRRR Get off my F**&&^^%G lawn!!!!!!

And with that, I have to run. What a wild Friday morning trying to pack in so much before 9 a.m.

Remember, Screencaps is back to six days a week. I’ll see you guys in the morning before I head out to hopefully see that Wiffleball tourney.


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