Instagram Star Mary Nabokova Cooks Up A Feast, Mattress Mack Loads Up Bags Of Cash & The FTX CEO Heads To Argentina

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It’s officially Texas chili season in North Texas, according to the Texans and we all know it’s not chili season until those who gave birth to chili say it’s chili season

Matt Pittman from Meat Church made the big announcement to his followers Friday night that it’s officially chili season across North Texas after temperatures plummeted and some areas saw snow.

Take a look at today’s weather in Dallas. Folks, that’s officially chili season. Matt’s right on this one.

Here in NW Ohio, it went from 75 and absolutely beautiful on Thursday to expected snow flurries and a high of 40 today. Last night, my wife and I had a chat. It’s officially chili season here as well. We even semi-planned a grocery run to get our supplies and how we want to attack our very first chili weekend of the season.

Don’t go getting offended today if you’re on Facebook and someone shows off their chili and there are beans in it. The last time I checked, there are many other issues facing this country than yet another chili war like what played out on Screencaps like two months ago.

Stay calm. Remember people have different tastes. Enjoy football and your own version of chili.

I had to laugh this week at people asking themselves ‘What now?’ if/when Twitter dies while Facebook is dying at the same time

This week, Elon Musk dropped a “bankruptcy” shocker during a conference call with Twitter employees at the same time as Facebook/Meta goes back to the drawing board on how to right the ship at a social media company that became bloated and announced plans to lay off 11,000 workers.

Earlier this year, Facebook announced it had lost daily users for the first time in the company’s history and then came news that revenue fell in Q3. TikTok and the Chinese have been busy kicking Facebook’s ass while old people sit around dreaming about the old days. Let’s face it, Facebook has become Cracker Barrel. It’s a nice place to hang out for a little bit, but it feels old and not exactly the place where a party is about to break out.

And the algorithm is a pain in the ass.

It’s leading to people looking for an alternative. OutKick is exploding. Morning Screencaps is growing like crazy. We’re cutting through the nonsense and creating a daily menu of fun, sports, pop culture, a little hit of politics and you guys are eating it up.

Don’t take my word for it. The industry is openly talking about a transition away from these addictive social media apps.

“We need to start to think about a healthier way of doing it … develop platforms that don’t have this kind of extractive business model that relies on us being there every second of the day, or … getting dopamine hits for every like,” Jordan Guiao, Research Fellow at The Australia Institute’s Centre for Responsible Technology, told The Guardian this week.

It’s music to my ears.

TMNL Official Spokesman

• Steve N. in Lindale, TX writes:

I think we may have found the perfect celeb spokesman for TNML. You may already be aware:

Keep up the outstanding work.

Yes, Steve, I did see that headline from OutKick’s David Hookstead and it makes me sick to see eye-to-eye on something with Jim Harbaugh. The Michigan football coach told the B1G media team that his backup career plan would’ve included being a “lawnsman.”

This shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Harbaugh was born and raised in the Midwest. In fact, he was born in Toledo and resided right here in the birthplace of the Thursday Night Mowing League, Perrysburg, OH, until his father, Jack Harbaugh, moved on from his job as a Perrysburg football coach.

Mowing is in his bloodstream.

I can’t stand Jim Harbaugh and wish he would’ve had the balls to play Ohio State in 2020, but I can’t hate his backup career plan. It’s honorable.

Veterans Day Screencaps

• John in SD writes:

Welcome (delayed) back; the bourbon bar/hotel looks amazing. Thank you for the Veteran’s edition.

As a young retired/50s year old veteran; Seeing the WWII veterans in Screencaps was amazing. Playing the harmonica with the flag in the background is everything that is missing in the 50%(+?) woke America.

I don’t think there’s enough of us (less than 1% of the US population serve today) to sustain this momentum, we have to find a way to keep it going and Screencaps is a starting point. Have a great weekend.

A quiet Saturday morning in Spain

• The Ts are having a basic Saturday in Spain as they continue their European winter trip. Today, Mike and Cindy hit up the mercado for lunch. Looks like they had fish.

Bonus pic: Bullfighting arena in Santa Maria, Spain:

Major beer news

Screencaps’ own Bill L. in Nebraska saw one of his homebrews scaled up and added to the tap list at Code Beer Company in Lincoln.

“I was lucky to have my father-in-law in my life for 16 years,” Bill told Code Beer Company. “Roger would always try any beer I brewed but always preferred a malty beer over an IPA. This ESB was always one of my favorites to make and he and I enjoyed many pints of it when they’d come down to visit. A lot of those times were after working on house projects like building a pergola or patching a drywall hole. Too many memories in those times to list them all.

“Unfortunately his time on earth was cut short when he had a sudden heart attack last January just over a year after his wife lost her battle with COVID. This picture was taken a couple weeks before he passed away when we went down to spend Christmas with him in Texas. During that trip he commented how he wanted us to gather down there this year. I’m a better man for having known him and I miss him.”

Roger and Bill L.

The world’s household wealth

Here’s something to think about this morning.

And with that, I have to run. The clouds are out. A chill is in the air. I have leaves to rake and garage beers to drink after the job is done around here. It’s not the best college football schedule ever, but as we all know, these are the weeks when craziness happens.

Get those jobs done early and sit back with those bowls of chili. Enjoy yourself today.


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