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Was I the only husband out there with a wife who treated last night’s Harry Potter game release like it was the Super Bowl?

There we were last night sitting at the kitchen table as a family discussing how we were going to attack the night that included attending the local high school basketball game and typical Tuesday evening activities like reading books for the kindergartner.

I was soon told that it was Super Bowl Sunday for Mrs. Screencaps — the Harry Potter video game she’s been waiting for was being released and she would need the man cave and the 7-speaker sound system to really enjoy the experience.

Her face said it all. She wanted a night in the basement. Just her and the PS5 remote. Mrs. Screencaps and the game she’s been dreaming about. So, being the smart husband, I stayed upstairs and allowed her to have that all-important ‘me’ time where she spent an hour creating her character and reading through all of the details on the game and completely understanding the operation manual.

How do I know? Because my oldest son told me after returning to ground level.

“How’s it going,” I asked.

He was clearly exhausted from sitting there watching mom meticulously analyze the game.

By the end of the night, Mrs. Screencaps said it was the best movie or book adaption game she’s ever played. That’s high praise. Good work by whoever made the game. She’ll now have yet another game to play while I sit next to her watching golf or college basketball.

  1. I ended up on book-reading duty. The kindergartner chose some Pokemon book with big names that I butchered.
  2. There was no need to create a snack bar for her video game Super Bowl. She was too immersed.
  3. Mrs. Screencaps’ one criticism of the game is that she wishes characters could be edited more.
  4. The local high school basketball team is a pretty darn good DI team. The senior point guard is a stud and the team features identical twins that wear No. 14 and No. 15 who are active and can score. Even Mrs. Screencaps observed that it must be very difficult for opposing defenses to keep track of the twins and she cannot stand sports.

(This better not be the version of the Harry Potter game Mrs. Screencaps is playing!)

Lib Lib Judd in Ohio says he’s not here for a culture war, he just wants to enjoy Screencaps

• Judd writes:

I think the back and forth from my original note proves to me that my original strategy was right, scroll past all the culture war BS that both sides feed us to keep us distracted from the real problems, and enjoy the non-politicized parts of ScreenCaps. I’ve re-read my emails and I’m still struggling to find the parts where I asked people to send their kids to Drag Queen preparatory school or opined on transgender participation in lawn darts, but maybe I just blacked-out after too many non-alcoholic wheatgrass shots at my weekly defund the police rally. Who knows?

As I stated originally, everybody is incented to drive the culture war for clicks, right and left. I find it logically challenging to say this site was created to escape the liberal shackles of ESPN, yet there is a disproportionate amount of time talking about those exact things, just the other side? I had a misplaced utopian vision where ScreenCaps was above that noise because we are just guys trying to be guys. I was wrong, I have been set in my place, and I accept the judgement of my peers.


It sounds like Judd’s not on board with the Lib Libs and their transgender sports heroes, but he’s not allowed to say it because it’ll ruin his street cred within his lib lib circle of friends. I get it.

There’s great news out of Cleveland…the pizza oven stays

Many of you will remember the story last week about the couple in Cleveland who were hauled into court over the backyard pizza oven they operate. Neighbors complained about the smoke and called the oven a “nuisance.”

Wellllllllll….a jury spent 30 minutes deliberating the case before it returned its verdict — the oven stays!

I know it’s easy to get down on society and to declare that there’s never justice served. In this case, justice was clearly served piping hot. The neighbors who were suing for $25,000 in damages were told to take a hike and enjoy that wood and pizza smell wafting in the air.

“If you rule in favor of the Joneses, that will be the first time in seven years that someone has told my clients, ‘You cannot use your pizza oven,’” the defendants’ lawyer told the jury in closing arguments.

The Cleveland pizza oven that was hauled into court. / Fox 19 Cleveland

Tuesday night at the T villa in Italy

• Mike T. was definitely not playing the new Harry Potter game:

Baltimore morning news observation

Tuesday, I ran the feel-good Baltimore morning news promo from the early 1980s when Oprah was doing Baltimore TV work.

• Peter M. in Columbia, MD was reading and made this observation:

Fun fact about that B’more morning show intro. That’s weatherman Marty Bass moving out with Oprah and he’s still on in the morning on WJZ. Local fella, started in 1977. He’s got a Baltimore accent that’ll peel paint off the walls. This town has a long list of TV and radio personalities that stick around for 30yrs or more.


Marty has actually been doing this stuff for 45 years! Helluva run, Marty. I have no idea how he’s had the energy to put in 45 years of local TV, but good for him.

What’s missing on Morning TV and big Battery Daddy news

• Bill F. in Knoxville, TN writes:

What’s lacking in morning television these days?  Based on the 80snewsscreens video you linked to, it has to be quality jingles on local news shows (and tv in general).  In the 80s and 90s, there must have been a thousand musicians pulling “Jesse and the Rippers” duty, cranking out banging tunes like “It’s a Good Feeling to Know” for that local Baltimore station. 

Coincidentally, my family recently started streaming “Family Matters” and “Step By Step” on HBO Max, both of which have feel-good songs for their opening credits, and my 9-year-old son is loving them both.  I was also rather surprised to see the first two episodes of Family Matters feature a family prayer–you never see that on a sitcom any more these days. 

An upbeat jingle/song combined with traditional family values and prayer can certainly help contribute to joy, happiness, and optimism to start the day. But alas, those things have seemingly been banished from current television by wokeness, perceived racism, and a bland music industry that values autotune and computer-generated “music” over live performance.

On another note, as a regular reader of Screencaps, I’ve seen numerous mentions of the Battery Daddy.  Over the weekend, I noticed that its listing on Amazon dropped from the typical $14.99 or $19.99 to a mere $9.99, and it’s currently ranked as the #1 best seller in the “tools and home improvement” category. 

Is this a testament to how many Screencaps readers have made the purchase?  If so, add me to that list.  I’m awaiting my new Battery Daddy delivery this week.  And, a word to the wise–jump on that sale now before ol’ Brandon rolls out whatever new inflation-fighting measures his team has cooked up for tonight’s SOTU, that are almost guaranteed to have the opposite effect on our economy…


Bill, yes, I’m taking credit for this historic Battery Daddy run. I will make ZERO dollars as a promoter of that product and I’d have it no other way. We’re here to help Americans be better at life and that’s exactly what happened over the Christmas holiday. We got better, Bill!

I will add that I had to get into my Battery Daddy this week for new mouse batteries — rechargeables SUCK — and it was so nice to open that case and know where everything was at all nice and neat. The older I get, the more I’m getting sick of things being out of place and clutter.

The Battery Daddy is doing its part in making my life easier and I’m forever thankful

Kelces, State of the Union and Nightcaps

• John from SD writes:

Wait; there’s two Kelce’s in the SB, who knew! Are there two Mannings involved?

State of the Union address: started during dinner time out here, family time and tv off. Turned it on afterwards; lasted less than a minute and turned it off. 

Nightcaps: solid start. Looking for consistency with the writers. Nice initiative. 

Keep up the great work and the consulting business. 

• Brian J. was watching the State of the Union. He told me Monday night that he was popping popcorn for the big speech:

According to my clock, his first words were at 9:09pm. Last were at 10:21pm. Fox News called it at 72 minutes. I did miss the Trump rebuttal timeline. For some reason, I was thinking the SOTU started at 8pm, not 9pm, so I’ll take the L on that. I have been going back-and-forth between eastern and central time zones, so I may have heard 8pm while I was in Nashville and let that impact my time frame. 

Nightcaps reviews

• Brent P. in Indiana writes:

In the spirit of helping a brother out and “when he makes money we all make money”, I decided to check out Nightcaps. I LIKE IT. I did feel a bit guilty. Reading nightcaps did make me fell a bit guilty. But you gave me a hall pass. I actually wanted to give some good ole’ screencaps feedback on some of the posts but there was no email address to respond. Maybe that isn’t what thisis which I’m fine. Just wondering.

P.S. If Anthony Farris is one of the main contributors, I am all in. He is a go to read when I see a headline on Outkick.


I will pass along the email thing. Communication will be very important for Nightcaps. Give them feedback.

• Chris S. in Milford, Connecticut says he was “Sooo wrong” about Nightcaps after his second helping:

Well Joe, I read nightcaps today. I’ll say this Anthony Farris is an extremely talented guy. Anytime he writes, I read. He had me laughing most of the article.

Outkick obviously knows what they are doing and I know shit.

Keep up the good work.

I fully endorse this idea

• Danny W. has a great idea on how to fight back against the China AI bots who keep texting all of us.

Hey Joe, I don’t think China AI Bot is impressed with ScreenCaps. No response. Probably more of a Joy Behar fan. Fuck Joy Behar.

Woodpile cats

• Mike S. in Ashland, Missouri just might be onto something here:

I love the Bodega Cats and enjoyed the wood-stacking discussions. How about combining the two with Woodpile Cats? Guarantee folks with stacked wood and cats have some excellent photos. Cats love to climb on them. My cats also catch the occasional lizard or skink hiding there in the summer. Year round entertainment for the felines.

Let’s talk economics

• Dan McM. has a question for our new resident economist professor who is here to help us understand how this whole economy thing works:

Could you get our new TNML resident economist to explain to us:  Who do we actually owe $31 trillion too?  Who are we actually paying interest on this debt to?  Who are we borrowing money from?  Who is still loaning us money?  An explanation in regular guy screencaps lingo would be appreciated.

That’s it. We’ve made it to Wednesday of Super Bowl week. Hopefully some sort of viral news pops up because this week isn’t exactly off to a hot start for viral content.

Now go give 110%. I have a Zoom call.


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  1. Joe – need your help. First off – long time Outkick/Screencaps reader. Really appreciate you guys keeping it real for Americans everywhere. Here’s the help I need: My wife and are are vacationing in Maui with three other long time friend couples. Our hometown school – Utah State played SDSU tonight in basketball. One of our friends was talking about how many people watched that basketball game IN MAUI. We were guessing 50-100. He said 5,000! Five thousand?!?! No way. We’ve been arguing about it and he’s pretty damn sure he’s right. “Game is on in bars”. Doubt it. “Many people from Utah in Maui”. Better things to do. So – do you know any hacks to find the ratings for this game – in Maui? Hope you can help. By the way – we’re not going on vacation in Maui to watch and argue. We’ve been tearing it up here. As much as semi old people can. Thanks for any help and continue with your good work.


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