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When Mother Nature gives you a weekend above freezing and sunny skies this time of year, you have to be productive…let’s not waste this opportunity

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m jacked up this morning and it’s not just because I have 4th quarter Super Bowl square numbers — Eagles 1, Chiefs 7 — that actually have a chance of hitting and have hit twice since 2010.

The forecast is looking like early November weather and there’s not a trace of snow on the ground. You’re damn right I’m heading out in the yard to get some mid-winter work done. There are leftover leaves to blow. There are sticks everywhere that are begging to be burned in the fire pit. There’s dog crap to collect.

It’s time to get productive this weekend. This morning, as you’re sitting there in the recliner struggling to read the tiny type on your phone, stop and think about how you’ll put a stamp on this weekend.

Will you sit there watching several of the 153 college basketball games on the schedule today or will you turn on the garage TV and listen to those games as you tinker and get things done for spring?

Guys, this will be the weekend you look back on in late April and early May and tell your wife that you sure are happy you knocked out so many to-do items back in mid-February. This is the weekend that frees you up for those Saturday rounds when it’s 72 and partly sunny in early May.

Let’s get our heads right today and get after it.

And then Monday morning, I want to hear all about how you put the work in and got things done….and maybe had a few garage beers along the way.

Speaking of getting things done, let’s hear from Indy Daryl who was in the mood to type after work on Friday

• Indy D. writes:

It’s finally Friday and man starting a new gig is rough. So much to learn. Old process to leave behind. And people to get to know. The last two weeks have been hard but definitely worth it. Amazing how much of a difference a great leader makes!

Three random thoughts:

  1. I have loved reading every word from Jared P, resident SC economist. I am curious to hear his thoughts about the housing market, and mortgage interest rates. As someone who had to refinance last year after some major home improvement projects, I got stuck with a less-than-ideal interest rate. Jared, are those ever coming back below 5%? Also, do you foresee home/new build prices leveling out? Or continuing to rise?
  2. It wasn’t Pizza Hut but a local joint (can’t remember the name) that we would frequent after the standard little league Saturday. Our game wasn’t PAC Man but Area 51! Man how I miss that game. The only one that has come close was the resident evil games for the Wii. The controllers had gun attachments and dang if that didn’t bring me back to 10 years old eating pizza and dropping endless quarters in the arcade on Area 51.
  3. Forward-thinking a little bit here: what about a Super Bowl 2024 SC convention/summit? I know there is talk of the bourbon trail (update?) and various travels for you, but maybe we could descend on northwest Ohio next year to watch the big together?

Anywho, enough from me. Happy Friday night to all!!


Fellow screencaps readers, I want you to look at that formatting sent in by Indy D. I didn’t have to lift a finger to format that email. Indy D. sent it in silky smooth. That’s why he’s in the Screencaps HOF. The guy understands what makes me tick.

That’s an interesting question about the interest rates. I know Keith in San Diego will hate that question because it’s about the economy and it ruins his waves and rays vibe, but when Indy D. asks these questions, it means it’s on the minds of other readers.

Based on the new crop of Linkedin followers who hit me up this week, I have to believe there are numerous readers who have thoughts on the interest rates and where they’ll go. And because I have a HUGE following of high-profile Linkedin followers, I’m actually going to present this question over there.

Or you guys can email me. You can ALWAYS email me.


Advice needed from the Screencaps readers who travel for work

• Andy from Knoxville is about to head back out on the road and he needs your advice:

I just got new job that is going to have me traveling up to the home office frequently.  The good news is that there are easy non-stop flights between Knoxville and Washington Dulles, so I am going to turn into the full commuting businessman. 

I aspire to be one of those cool guys you see at the airport with just one bag, that zips through security and seems to have it all put together.  I am sure there are plenty of these guys that are Screencaps readers so I need their wisdom.  Good news is that I will be up on Monday, back on Wednesday, so I can pack light, and it will be business casual with the occasional suit for meeting clients and partners.  I need advice on the best roller-bags, should I pay for Clear ID to skip the line at security, etc.  Please hit me up with the knowledge of the business traveler, oh sage of the interwebs!

I was out of work mid-December and start my new gig at the end of the month, so I was only out of work for two and a half months.  Fortunately, I am a retired Marine so I had my military retirement and VA disability to get me through.  It makes me really aware of what those that are getting let go are going through.  Shameless plug for serving in the military: it wasn’t always great and things seem to be heading down the wrong direction regarding wokeness and the political/military dynamic, but the retirement benefits are nice.  I’m 46 and already have one pension.

Keep up the good work for us red-blooded Americans.  Go Vols!


Help this man. You see exactly what he wants to become. Mentor him. Schedule a visit at an airport bar. Many of you road dawgs are overflowing with wisdom after decades of road dawging it. Help the next generation.


More advice from the Savannah readers

• Scott in Ridgeland, SC writes:

So seeing how some screen cappers are headed south (stay away by the way there’s lots of bugs, snakes and heat… good God the heat). Here’s some places to go in Savannah. We live in Ridgeland SC so we go there a good bit.

A must is Crystal Beer Parlor for lots of types of beer and great burgers. I’d also recommend Alley Cats for a basement bar that has a great vibe and great drinks.  Pinky’s if you want a real dive bar experience. Watch out for the grooms from the nearby cathedral rumor has it they go there for a shot before going to get hitched at the church.  

Finally, if it’s nice out for a rooftop experience he to the bar at The Bohemian. Get there early though. Have fun, Savannah is no longer Charleston’s ugly sister.  Beaufort isn’t that far away if you’re looking for real small town South. Think Forrest Gump meets Big Chill both were filmed there and stop by Luther’s for a drink. 

Joe keep up the great work and I’m loving Night Caps. 


See, that wasn’t hard. Scott LOVES Screencaps and now he’s starting to get into Nightcaps. Remember, that crew is going Monday-Friday with that column. They just finished up their first week and from what I hear, many of you are starting to communicate with the writers, which is awesome.

OutKick is about more than just this column. If you guys are finding more things to like, that’s great news for the business model.

Speaking of Savannah

• Chris B. got hit with this ad:

In my experience, fasting is the last thing you should do in Savannah.

Pizza Hut memories from Judd F.

• Judd F. has great memories of those Pizza Hut dining rooms just like the rest of you who don’t vote like Judd:

Hi Joe – I’m not ready to process my feelings yet on this Nightcaps thing, but thanks for the stroll down memory lane on Pizza Hut dining rooms. I haven’t thought about walking into one of those since the last time I used a phone book. 

About 20 years ago I lost my grandmother, who I was very close with, and our last memory of her is at Pizza Hut. I can see it like it was yesterday; red cup, shaker of Parmesan cheese, pitcher of Pepsi, and grandma laughing at me and my sisters singing along with some terrible song on the jukebox. We lost grandma, suddenly, later that same night. She was the epitome of Greatest Generation, worked in a steel mill during WWII while my grandpa was in the Pacific. I’m so fortunate to have that memory, thank you Pizza Hut! Yes, even us liberals love our grandmas. 

I think for your next nostalgia immersion you need to have Mrs. Screencaps host a Tupperware (or Longanberger basket) party and you and the kids hit up a Ponderosa. I feel like I saw one in Columbus recently. 

Any updates on the Snackadium? Felt like we were going to get a run of content there and then nothing. Pulling one together for the big game?

PS – Someone lumped me in with Hildees belly button in a recent edition and it’s been my 2023 highlight. 


I forgot to put in my field report that the Pizza Hut dining room still includes the parmesan and red pepper flake shakers on the dining tables.

Ponderosa is on the agenda and Mrs. Screencaps didn’t like the idea of a Tupperware party.

Yes, I plan on busting out the Snackadium for the Super Bowl. I need to do some shopping. My one big problem with the Super Bowl is the game time. I don’t want people at my house at 6 on a Sunday night. That’s the beauty of the NFL brass. They know it’s a terrible time for East Coasters who would rather just stay home and watch. The TV networks and advertisers love all those houses with a captive audience.

What about Devin Hester?

• Mike N. in Cedar Park, Texas would like to speak with a manager or HOF voters:

As somebody who waited in line for three hours when I was seven years old at Fox Valley Mall in Aurora, IL in 1977 for Walter Payton’s and Roland Harper’s autographs, I would like to formally lodge a complaint with the HOF selection committee for the horrific exclusion of Devin Hester. 

The first question from them is always, “Well, who would you exclude that we selected?”.  The honest answer, for the last two years, “All Of Them!”  None of them had you drop anything you were doing to watch the next 7 seconds of pure old-school football entertainment. 

Hundreds of the ones he didn’t score on he almost scored on.  His record will never be broken due to the worst rule change in football moving the kicks up 5 yards.  He was named to the best 100 NFL football players of ALL TIME!  So should Revis and Ware be in the HOF, yes.  Over Devin Hester, no chance.

So, Mr. Kinsey, can you please use your unlimited connections and influence to take care of this problem for next year.


It was a travesty, Mike, but something tells me when Deion makes these statements, things will change in 2024. Hang tight. Devin’s getting in.

The Ts are on the move

• Mike T. says they’re now based in Montepulciano, Italy:


Look at the fireplace in this villa!

That’s it. The sun is blazing out the window to my right. It’s calling me to be productive.

Have an incredible weekend. Enjoy those Super Bowl spreads. Good luck with your bets. Root hard for Eagles 31-27 or I’ll even take Chiefs 37-31. 47-21 works, too.

Take care.


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