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Vols superfan / Instagram, Twitter & OnlyFans superstar Sara Blake Cheek settles the Christmas inflatables debate

Since it’s December 6, I figured this morning is a great time to put an end once and for all to this disturbing trend of people putting up inflatables by the dozens and what this is doing to society.

And because we’ve only heard the male perspective on this topic, I slid into OnlyFans ($12 / mo.) superstar Sara Blake Cheek’s DMs to get a female opinion. Why Sara Blake? (1.) Because she answers her DMs pretty much immediately; (2.) She’s a big fan of OutKick, Clay, Hutton & Withrow; (3.) She’s a Vols fan, which means she’s always going to have a strong opinion; (4.) Sara Blake has kids — remember when her kids were kicked off sports teams because of her OnlyFans career? — and she would know about the subject of inflatables and Christmas; (5.) Sara’s all gas, no brake…I need an opinion and she delivers.

• Sara writes:

Christmas inflatables are a lazy freaking Christmas decoration. A perfect summary of whatever the hell generation xyz is. Your yard looks like a used car lot, get your butt up on the roof and hang real Christmas decorations just like Clark Griswald. You know whose yard has freaking inflatables in it? Eli Drinkwitz.

Looks like the complete destruction of what made Vegas fun for me is nearing completion

I read things like this from Vegas insider John Mehaffey and all I can do is shake my head and be thankful that I got to experience Vegas as a post-college grad before it was destroyed by the 3-4 corporations that run Sin City.

I believe it was sometime around 2003 when Vegas message boards were sounding the alarms over 6:5 blackjack and how it was surfacing up and down the Strip. Now, according to Mehaffey, low-limit 3:2 is nearly extinct in the city.

Of course, times change and inflation comes along and makes $5 blackjack impossible to deal, but the thought of low-limit slumming being gone is hard to fathom. I think back to those drunken nights indulging in $1 Red Dogs and loaded dogs at the Westward Ho and all I can do is smile. Great times.

Now, I assume, post-grads blow their gambling budget at some club and then throw a $40 late-night meal on their Visa. They’ll never know the beauty of being sloppy drunk at the hotel coffee shop around 6 a.m. as the sun comes up. They’ll never know the feeling of playing $1 BJ at Sahara with the most incredible chandeliers hanging from the ceiling & some waitress coming around to see how many beers I’d like to drink.

20 years later it’s all gone.

That’s the real shame in all this.

What was your favorite form of slumming it in Vegas?


On divorce lawyers & them getting you to pay your ex-wife’s streaming service bill

It turns out a few of you know all about dealing with divorce lawyers. Who would’ve thought?

• Rick D. in Brentwood, TN writes:

Here’s the scam with divorce lawyers. They pretty much know in advance what your settlement and child support will look like. First though, they find out how much money you and your wife have. Then they entertain all of your wild and unrealistic demands which will have you going back and forth for months. Then when the money runs out, meaning they sucked all that you have on wasted arguments, you end up settling for what you should have settled for in the beginning (in retrospect without lawyers.)

Most of the big stuff you fight over like child support and living arrangements is set by rules and precedent. Little stuff like paying for streaming services you are free to demand and fight over.

• Mark from Indiana is passionate on this subject of divorce lawyers. You might remember earlier this year when Screencaps readers had to talk Mark off a cliff about his Hoosiers. Then they made the Tournament and won a play-in game over Wyoming:

Joe;  I would have gladly paid for my ex-wife’s streaming; TV; house ; car and a new husband to get away from her!  And I am sure there are quite a few guys on my side reading this and nodding their heads.

Also; first-ever recognition from me for an opponent that destroyed my Hoosier basketball team.  We traveled to Rutgers and they out-hustled us; out rebounded us and manhandled us AND told us about it during the game.  I was impressed and if i were Mike Woodson, during the lines at the end of the game i would have told half their team…”i can get you a great NIL agreement if you transfer to IU”.   Is that ethical?  I am sure Calipari has already tried that approach….Sorry could not resist…

‘S&P could plunge 20% in the coming months as recession hits, BOA warns’

That’s the headline this morning from Fox Business.

Will this mean vacation destinations will be forced to drop their ridiculous prices from the past three years? Airbnb rentals shouldn’t cost $800 a night after fees. I’m also going to need the price of cars to keep dropping into my wheelhouse.

And eggs! Dammit, those things shouldn’t cost well over $3 at Aldi.

While I’m at it, I’m also going to need some contraction within the food industry. I’m going to need at least one Bob Evans to go out of business so all workers can be moved to one location so it doesn’t take an hour to get a plate of eggs.

That’s my economic forecasting for 2023.

Share your thoughts on where we’re heading.


Marion’s and how to properly transport a pizza and reheat it

I’m not sure I’m buying this advice from Jim M.

• Jim M. writes:

It’s a little complicated and there are a few moving parts to the plan, but if you get yourself a couple pizza stones the same basic size as your pizza, get them hot, then slip them inside the insulated delivery bag, your pizza(s) will stay hot a long time. You’d have to do some experimenting to figure out the right temp on the stones, too hot and you’ll melt the bag. More mass means less temp will be needed, so instead of pizza stones maybe patio pavers would be better. Wrap them in foil for a level of cleanliness, heat in an oven for a couple hours, and you’re good to go. Obviously be a bit heavy to transport, but for hot pizza a price must be paid.

Could go old school and find somewhere in your engine bay to stash it as well, but that’s pretty much impossible in modern cars.

• Kevin in Gibsonia, PA seems to have better advice:

Every time I go to Buffalo (3 1/2 hours), I pick up a whole pepperoni from either Imperial or Bocce.  I don’t worry about keeping it warm. When you get home, throw a cast iron frying pan on the stovetop, medium heat, and enjoy.  You won’t be disappointed.  If it’s not good, it’s the pizza, not the method.

• Ryan S. brings up a great point about Marion’s that I’d forgotten about — tipping:

I made it up to the Marion’s in Oakwood this weekend and I happened to notice the sign hung up about company policy on tipping. I’m part of the overwhelming majority of screencaps readers that is sick of being bombarded with tip jars and tip suggestions, especially at a time when customer service is at its lowest, so it was quite refreshing to see at a local friendly establishment right next to where I was buying economically priced pitchers.

Anywho, this also got me thinking about customer service policies with different companies. Every job I had when I was younger had standard lines to use when greeting customers in person or over the phone. Basic stuff… “thank you for choosing XXXX, how may I help you?” Have companies done away with this or are we just victims of piss poor management?

My blood boils when I order something and the employee stares at me like I’m wasting their time and doesn’t say a word. I’ll leave it at that before I take it too far but I hope everyone is having a great start to the Christmas season. Who Dey. 


And something else you guys would love about Marion’s is that they have huge beer coolers where you can go shopping for the perfect beer to crack open with your pizza. Want a 40 oz. Bud heavy? They have them. Yank one out of the cooler, walk over to the bartender, and pay up. Just don’t tip.

Paramount+ streaming advice for Joe M.

• Alex R. writes:

Here is the issue that Joe M is facing:

– When Taylor Sheridan kicked off Yellowstone they made the agreement that even though it was a “Paramount” production they sold the rights to NBC/Peacock.  So when it is shown it first goes to the Peacock streaming service which is why he is seeing the delay on Paramount +.

– When Taylor and Paramount saw the success of Yellowstone they locked down the exclusive rights to every thing else in the Sheridan-verse ie 1883, 1932, Tulsa King, Mayor of Kingstown and whatever other amazing tv he comes up with.  So you will likely see it exclusively there.  

Handing down the Elf on the Shelf duties

• Richard from SC writes:

Hey, Joe; just a quick one since the dreaded Elf on a Shelf has come up again… 

My daughter is 13, soon to be 14, and is now finally/reluctantly past the Elf/Santa phase. I was privately rejoicing because, like many others, I hate the freaking elf. He’s creepy, it’s yet another holiday burden for parents, and he does nothing but condition children for a surveillance state…”Little Brother” literally lurking around, reporting back to HQ on your every move.  Anyway, my daughter asked my wife this weekend if SHE could hide the elf this year, from us. My wife agreed, and, after some funny trepidation about finally being able to touch the elf without fear of reprisal, it was on.

Well, the attached photo is from Day 1. I’m kinda worried about where we’re headed from here if this is opener, but she started strong. Before anyone, including bourbon bros get up in arms, she mixed coke and water to get a bourbon look for the liquid in the glass…no real bourbon or children were harmed in the making of this photo

And for those who will notice, this elf is not the standard Elf on a Shelf…this is Christopher Pop-In-Kins, the allegedly original surveillance elf, which makes the whole thing even more ridiculous. There are some Dr. Jack Ramsay-style breakdowns between the two out there on the interwebs if anyone actually GAS. 

Thanks, as always, for what you do/have done with the SC community, and Merry Christmas. 

The Ts Take on France

• Mike T. and Cindy T. are on the move and this time they’re on a walking tour of vineyards and chateaus:

And with that, we’re done this morning. Photos stopped uploading, so I can’t show you Cindy T’s visit to the Eifel Tower. You’ve seen many photos of the tower, so life will go on.

Let’s get moving.


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