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Screencaps readers respond to quick hitters

Here are a few thoughts and questions I threw out Wednesday to the community.

  1. Will it take 10 years before the Bob Evans franchise is gone? I’ve been keeping an eye on that franchise and it’s becoming clearer by the day that it might not survive 10 years.
  2. Now I’m seeing people saying Skip Bayless wasn’t out of bounds for his Monday night tweet about the Damar Hamlin situation. Never forget that the mobs always need a villain. Skip filled that role this week.
  3. What’s the worst remodeling decision you ever made?
  4. Is barn wood out in remodeling projects?
  5. What’s ‘in’ for remodeling projects?
  6. What’s the one must-have for guys in 2023?
  7. Sports betting went live in Ohio Sunday morning and it doesn’t interest me in the least. 20 years ago would’ve been a different story. I’m very happy with this version of myself.
  8. Cutting cable — went to YouTubeTV — means I won’t have to suffer through Cincinnati Reds baseball this spring and summer. That’s a big relief.
  9. We don’t need a new version of “Night Court.”
  10. I saw a discussion on expanding March Madness to something like 96 teams. GTFO. Leave your grimy hands off the tournament.
  11. My youngest son turns 6 [Wednesday]. He’s our jokester. The 10-year-old is super serious. The 6-year-old likes a good fart joke and is definitely going to be the life of the party.

• Chris writes:

  1. Hell, it might not take ten years. The customers are already aging out of driving, so it’s hard to see BE surviving.
  2. I once took out the rail on the stairs to our walkout basement to make a better view out the back windows. Cost $4K to replace and was quite possibly a severe falling risk during parties.
  3. Barn wood was never in except on TV.
  4. You are correct, sir.
  5. If, and only if, you have to be .500 or better in your conference — more Montana State or Indiana State, less bottom-half Big East or SEC or Big Ten. Also, no first-weekend games in your own state (Duke in Greensboro? GTFO)
  6. Go watch the 1954 Sabrina (there is not other version). Your 6 is Holden and your 10 is Bogart.


I have to take exception with Chris’ take on barn wood. There wasn’t a Coachella hat-wearing New Age woman out there who didn’t do some sort of white washed reclaimed wood project in her house from 2017-2022.

There are hundreds of thousands of houses in the U.S. with barn wood TV walls or wine walls featuring Home Depot-sourced reclaimed wood.

• Millennial Mike B. tackles the quick hitters:

  1. Bob Evans is on par with Top Ramen. Cheap and low quality.
  2. I appreciate that outkick is not just a hot-takes factory. 
  3. What’s the worst remodeling decision you ever made? Got some cabinets for the garage. They store a lot but take up too much space. To access them, both cars have to be backed out. 
  4. Is barn wood out in remodeling projects? Shiplap is dead.
  5. What’s ‘in’ for remodeling projects? Quality lighting design, it’s easy to overlook this aspect.
  6. What’s the one must-have for guys in 2023? Get an expensive pillow, it makes a difference. 
  7. Sports betting is on a trajectory like legalized pot: started off taboo and but now everybody and their mother is doing it. 
  8. Cutting cable — there are hundreds of channels but only a handful of quality shows. 
  9. Reboots are jumping the shark, pretty soon ‘Fonzie jumping the shark’ will be rebooted.
  10. This is called OVER SATURATION and a pure $ grab. At a certain point, too much March madness dulls the product. Who knows what Chanel TruTV is anyway? 
  11. Took my only son sledding for the first time (Flagstaff, Az) was an adrenaline rush!


Great call from Millennial Mike on lighting design. As someone who has spent a few dollars on lighting for the man cave project, I can tell you the best money we spent was on the lighting. It’s inviting, it’s interesting and it’s so damn relaxing.

Here’s what we recently did with part of our man cave countertop. 1/2″ acrylic is over the rocks. As you can see in the second photo, the edges of the acrylic illuminate to give the halo effect.

Yes, the acrylic is strong. It’ll hold plenty of casserole dishes during football parties. It works for us.

Damar and what you can do for your community

• Jim R. writes:

It’s inspiring to see people so moved to action by compassion. It’s comforting to know that Damar has so much support through his own personal finances, a brotherhood of teammates on the Bills and the wider league, access to top medical professionals and emotional support for his family from all around the world.

Having a special needs daughter for 15 years (she passed away in September of 2022 at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital) I’ve spent many hours roaming the halls of hospitals at all hours of the day and night. It can be a very lonely and terrifying experience. While we all continue to pray and hope for a full recovery for Damar I can promise you there are people in every community dealing with the same issues with no support.

If anyone should feel so led I’d ask them to consider reaching out to their local hospital for opportunities to provide support to those without any. I guarantee the good feelings you experience from seeing and participating in the support of Damar will be magnified exponentially.

Sarah Michelle Gellar appreication

• Kevin J. writes:

Wholeheartedly approve of her inclusion today! I know she’s another one without much IG content but was awesome that you included her today.


Let’s get some other 1990s TV and pop culture stars into the mix. I’m taking suggestions. Mrs. Screencaps fired off like 20 names at me Tuesday and I think there was 1-2 I hadn’t thought of. Trust me, guys, I’m trying here. Too many of them are in their Save The World from Plastics! stage of life.

Then we have Elizabeth Hurley and her fellow mid-50s ladies figuring out that life is too damn short and they can either fight Big Plastic or get busy living life.

Gellar has those tendencies to break free. There are signs popping up in her IG content.

Worst remodeling decisions…but Ed is in a tough spot and just needs some advice to solve this problem

• Dawgs fan Eddie from Acworth is in a pickle:

Hi Joe and community-I come here for advice not ridicule. You asked about worst remodel decision and here you go. 

My wife and I had this fireplace and flagstone patio installed 2 years ago and it has been incredible. We bought the house 3 years ago-and it has a septic tank. We have always had a county sewer so knew nothing about septic tanks. We had no idea they needed to be cleaned out til recently-and apparently it is due (I think every 7-10 yrs). So that’s where problem comes in-pic 1 is where septic tank should be-pic 2 is finished fireplace.

In pic 1 fireplace is right next to arrow and obviously all the sod is now flagstone. The tank is 20’ from house according to the county. So likely puts it under the left section of the fireplace – or close to it.

Ugh. I screwed up big time-but doo doo happens (pardon the pun) and now I need to get it remedied. 

I am happy to pay to get the concrete cut and have it drained that way-but the last things I want to do is knock the fireplace down OR get the county involved. No idea where to start. I need some screencaps non-judgemental advice (I admit I’m a moron and this was easily avoidable-but here we are). I know this will be a big expense correction-but we have to make it right. 

Who do I contact? I know I need a septic tank company involved-but who needs to come out first? Concrete cutters? Engineer? Excavators? What do I need to find out? 

The good news is my DAWGS go for B2B titles Monday night after surviving a miracle Sat-so that keeps me happy.


Guys, Eddie loves that fireplace. Please help this guy. Any engineers out there who could throw together a plan of action for Eddie and where he should start first? We’re talking about a guy who just went through an emotional victory over Ohio State and now a back-to-back national championship.

He’s riding high, but now he’s stuck in a shitty situation.


I’ll be honest, I was expecting to be HAMMERED for just now cutting the cable cord, but it turns out there are still people out there who were like me and enjoyed watching baseball in the summer and some of us still needed regional sports channels.

My Reds are the worst team in baseball, so the decision to eliminate them from my life was easy. I can watch highlights on social media.

• Chris B. in Houston can’t do it.

Congrats on cutting the cord.  I wish I could do it, but I need Astros games.  Fubo has the channel that broadcasts Astros games here locally (AT&T Southwest), but their content is only available in 720p which looks awful on my 65″ Samsung. 

My only streaming choices are Xfinity (which I have now) and DirecTV Stream.  Dammit.

• Ripcurl from St. Pete, Florida writes:

Saw your comment on cutting the cable. I agree, YouTubeTV is far superior. I think I got it about 7-8 years ago (memory foggy due to a talent of imbibing beer/wine), and have never looked back. Of course when I signed up, the cost was something like $34.99 a month. Now it is $73 something, but still a bargain for 3 tvs. We are moving to France next year. I hope to use my VPN to still have youtubetv for college football and to have my MLB package.


Ripcurl followed up that email by correcting himself. He’s moving to France in April. Who knows, maybe Ripcurl and Mike T. will cross paths. Be on the lookout for the TNML league colors, Ripcurl!

LEO on the Bryan Kohberger traffic stops in Indiana

• Law enforcement officer Louie in Savannah writes:

Very likely Feds were surveilling him and reached out to local / state officers requesting a pretextual stop. That is when one jurisdiction requests that a subject or vehicle is stopped but the requesting jurisdiction does not have legal means to detain the subject. Meaning the officer that stops the vehicle or person must develop their own probably cause for the stop. The goal is to gain any possible Intel and see if further illegal activity can be detected therefore leading to an arrest.

This happens pretty regularly.


It’s all starting to add up here, folks. The details of this investigation are going to be fascinating. And shame on all those who were screaming about the police not being able to come up with a suspect. The screamers will eventually get a Netflix series to binge-watch with their DoorDash.

Face chewing

• Jake in Oregon writes:

Joe: us folks here in the Portland area are used to some weird shit,  but the face chewing incident is mind boggling even for us.  The libs who support defending the police, legalizing drugs and closing down the mental hospitals are even having second thoughts about their agendas. Maybe the worm is turning.

Supposedly the culprit just moved here from Georgia. Must be a Dawg. (Bad I know)

I heard from many A&M fans on the Bobby Petrino hire as offensive coordinator and this is the prevailing theme of those messages

• From Chris B. in Houston:

The ‘Read More’ Button


Another happy reader!

And now we’re ready to roll this morning. The blood is flowing again for many of you who disappeared during the holiday break. You’re back to being bored at work and the results speak for themselves. The emails are starting to fire on all cylinders.

Go have a productive day and never forget how lucky we are to live in the greatest country in the world.


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I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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  1. The left has always hated football, they have just been slowly working up the courage to destroy it like everything it touches. The BLM support, protests, ect were just the start. Football probably represents “toxic masculinity” to this sissies and radical feminists. And Joy Behar is a moron who only exists to create outrage. Ignore it.

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