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Battery Daddy proves once again that it’s the gift of the year

Let’s get the day started with an email that warms my heart. I love to hear Battery Daddy Christmas success stories — #notsponsored.

• From Tom in Atlanta:

After you mentioned it, I got one and my wife was elated, not mad at me. My family does our Christmas early, so one sister and BiL who live in Switzerland can come before prices are too high, and we had ours yesterday (Sat). 

Usually our gifts are geared toward the kids (toys/books/etc) or wives (massages, scarves, etc). This year, I gave all 7 men in the family a Battery Caddy and told everyone the men needed to be highlighted; then I made everyone open them at once. Two came up and said they had asked for them, and the others understood it right away. Batteries are just everywhere in every house. 

The women all loved it. They get it, too. And we are all adults, most with kids. We buy what we need when we need it and rarely does someone buy you something anymore that is truly great and unexpected. 

I’m a hero in my family.

I’m posting a photo of a nephew searching his house for batteries just this morning (Sun). This is the Furby or Cabbage Patch of 2022, but for adults. Thank you and the SC community for pointing this out. 


This is what it’s all about this time of year. Ladies, you won’t find a cheaper Christmas gift that will provide more enjoyment for your significant other like the Battery Daddy. When we say don’t worry about getting anything for us, what we really mean is we’ll take a Battery Daddy and it will bring honest excitement.

We loved organizing baseball cards. We love organizing a garage to get away from the kids. We love mowing the lawn because it gets us out of the house and keeps our minds sharp. We’re not organized when it comes to appointments or keeping track of sports schedules, but we can wrap our brains around organizing batteries.

Do the right thing, ladies.

Inflatables and Battery Daddy

• Roger C. writes:

Driving down a highway yesterday and came up on this massive presentation of inflatables. Really need an aerial view to appreciate the depth and volume of this “Christmas display”. Not my preference in decorations but thought the SC crew might enjoy.

Wonder how many extension cords this took and how many electrical safety violations were created?

Couldn’t wait until Christmas for a battery daddy.  Ordered one from Amazon last night.

Best Advent Calendar — Ever — According to OB, Original Bill

• Original Bill H. writes:

My son-in-law, Billy, made this for me several years ago for my birthday which is just before Advent.

It is hard to limit myself to one a day, but, if I get behind, I catch up myself or get some help from him or my bride.

Best thing is he and my daughter refill it each year with different brands!

He’s my favorite son-in-law! (He is, also, my only son-in-law)


• Jess in Alabama writes:

My husband and I both hate shopping, but we went by an “antique” place this past weekend trying to find stocking stuffers. I thought you’d appreciate this. But maybe I should have just asked you for your wife’s email and sent the vendor’s contact info to her haha

What a beautiful piece of Americana, Jess.

Let me tell you how my wife would respond to another Dale cutout for our basement: she would give you a courtesy laugh and then say ABSOLUTELY NOT!

As most of you know, Greg M. in Tullahoma, TN sent me a brand new in the box Dale that had been sitting in Greg’s warehouse for decades until it was unleashed in my basement. My wife claims the cardboard Dale freaks her out when she walks downstairs.

Uh, yeah. He’s the Intimidator, Mrs. Screencaps. That’s the exact reaction cardboard Dale should get.

Jess, I’ll have to come into some money to buy a barn for Busch Dale.

Dale in the Kinsey basement. Yes, I need to fill a few nail holes.

Reheating pizza the dad way

It’s funny how we were just talking about this last week and now we have this dad dropping some knowledge on how to get a crispy bottom and a piping-hot top. Steam is the key, he says!

Interesting, but it’s starting to feel like more and more middle-class people are hiring it out

Yes, I get that Reddit/ShowerThoughts isn’t supposed to be a deep dive into statistics, but this is a good chance to take a look at the growth of the industry and what feels like more and more people going the lazy route and having someone else mow their lawns.


Here come the Star Trek fans

• Daniel in Dallas, GA writes:

There are many subjects I could expect to see on any given Screencaps edition, but Star Trek was never one of them. Battery Daddys, lawn mowing, and…. Star Trek? Anyways, here we go. Romulans were not based on the Chinese, but rather on the Roman Empire. Their home planet of Romulus is named after the founder of Rome, and they share a similar orbit with the Planet Remus, brother of Romulus.

You could make a case that the Klingons could represent the Russians or Chinese, but the Chinese were not major players in the 60’s. I see communism as the theme rather than one single nation, all the way up to the fall of the Berlin wall (see ST VI The Undiscovered Country). No argument that there are many parallels with the Russians however. Like most long running TV shows, the recurring aliens and factions ultimately just become plot devices for writers looking to create content based on current events, and could change week to week. South Park does the same thing.

There you have it, I’ve fired my torpedoes, and I suppose that declares my candidacy as well. Below is one of my ornaments my wife will only hang on the dark side of the tree, nearly out of sight.

Daniel continues:

Special thanks to the Screencap nation for the turkey tips. My smoked turkey brined for 2 days and was utterly demolished, with only some scraps left over. My grandmother would be pleased to know that her turkey platter did not go bare this year.

Elf on the Shelf update from Savannah, GA

• Louie M. writes:

Dunkin’ the Elf already has a great seat to watch the Pats try to present some semblance of an offense tonight….

12 more nights of this little bastard then he goes back away for another 11 months.

And with that, another action-packed day of Screencaps is in the books. Remember, college football is back Friday with the Bahamas Bowl at 11:30 a.m. Until then, we have to get by on college basketball and the NHL. Get those basement TVs fired up. Get out the Christmas ales. Get festive, even on Tuesdays.

Have a great day and go give 110% at life.


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