Instagram Star Bri Teresi Welcomes Trump Back To Mar-a-Lago With Colby Covington

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Golf influencer Bri Teresi doesn’t shy away from her allegiance to former president Donald Trump, and she made it clear Tuesday that a couple felony charges ain’t scaring her away.

If anything, they’ve only fired her up even more!

Teresi made sure to welcome Trump back to Mar-a-Lago Tuesday night after his fun day-trip to Manhattan, and she wasn’t alone.

The mega influencer posted several behind-the-scenes pictures from Trump’s fancy dinner (and speech), and even hung out with MMA star Colby Covington and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

What a crew!

Bri Teresi loves Trump with Colby Covington.
Bri Teresi welcomes Trump back with Marjorie Taylor Greene, Colby Covington.

Bri Teresi, Colby Covington and Marjorie Taylor Greene welcome Trump home

My goodness — talk about the stars coming out!

Bri Teresi has been on an absolute heater over the past few months, and she only appears to be getting stronger.

I’d imagine she didn’t wake up last week thinking she’d been welcoming Trump back to Mar-a-Lago with Colby Covington, MTG and Kari Lake after he was arrested in New York, but that’s the life of an influencer.

One day you’re posting pictures of yourself doing a little bow hunting, the next you’re rallying around the 45th president of the US of A after he was indicted.

Wild ride.

Anyway, Bri here has been methodically working her way up the golf influencer ranks over the past few months, and this is just the latest feather in her cap.

Don’t forget, this is the same girl who sunk an absolutely unreal putt last fall at Trump National. Once you hit one like that, you’re basically destined for stardom, and Teresi has been on a rocket ship ever since.

Can’t wait to see what these next few months have in store for her — especially after yesterday’s events. Buckle up.

Written by Zach Dean

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