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Here’s the schedule for the day…I need to get rocks, but be back in time to turn off voting for the Woke All-Star Challenge Regional Final & get to a birthday party after a VIP Zoom call

I know some of you guys have a flaming hot U-13 baseball tournament to hit up today and that sounds like quite an assignment, but would you just look at what I need to accomplish in a 4-5 hour window. LOOK AT IT. This is going to take incredible clock management out of me this morning. Am I prepared? I’d like to think so.

Going into the morning — 6:15 a.m. ET — I knew the Caps had to be out by 8:30 so I can be at the rock store when the gates open at 9. Then I pump a couple dozen beautiful rocks into the van and haul ass back home to shut off the WASC voting that you guys have been hammering over the last 24 hours. Then the Zoom call with you VIPs who want to tell me how great the week was with the introduction of the WASC. Then a backyard neighborhood birthday party.

You’re correct, I’m going to need an afternoon nap during the Sweet 16 games. Timing will be everything with the nap. Looking at the 2:40 slot with Oregon State-Loyola I’m thinking get to sleep before halftime, grab 45 minutes and be ready to go for the critical final 10 minutes of action.

Here’s what’s more likely to happen: the neighbor holding the birthday party will want to have some beers and we’ll talk about things like grass not growing as we’d like, the wind storm that came through this week and how his select ball team’s looking.

The whole time he’s talking I’ll be thinking about my next trip to the rock store. I love that place. It’s right up there with Costco on my middle age love affair power rankings.

• The big question out there — one of the first things I was asked at the bar last night — is “what has the reaction been to the WASC?” Here’s a taste of what we’re hearing. A message from Joel was sent to me Friday afternoon. He got mad at Clay over a Meghan Markle radio segment and canceled his VIP membership. Then the Woke All-Star Challenge came along and Joel changed his attitude. Love to see it.

• Friday I heard from Darin out on the West Coast who wanted me to know how valuable the WASC has been for his sanity. This is why I do it, fellas. This is why I get up every morning to use this dumb brain of mine and why Clay texted me about a year ago to say he needed me on the OutKick team. He knew my dumb brain would have value to his VIP program.

• And thanks to @nickTsweat down in Georgia who created the WASC concept and asked me to bring it to life. Nick’s been a fan of my work for approximately a decade and knows my dumb brain pretty well at this point.

Now, it’s time for me to pick out new beautiful rocks to bring home like Tebow bringing home a pack of beautiful dogs. Go out there and have yourself a weekend. You deserve it.

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